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Night issues

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Tiga, Jun 28, 2005.

  1. I’m interested in hearing about other people’s experiences with night time riding. Here’s my situation – I’ve been riding for 4 months and have been generally happy with my riding during the day, in the rain, in the wind, on twisty roads etc. But sometimes at night I don’t think I ride so well. I don’t have problems when I’m alone on Yarra Blvd (but then I put my high beams on and I know the road). It’s more on roads where there’s lot’s of traffic that also have their lights on. I live in the city so that’s pretty much everywhere other than Yarra Blvd. Several times in moderate/heavy traffic I’ve found myself wondering if my lights are even on (they have been).

    I never had this issue when learning to drive, maybe I’m just being overly sensitive about cars I can’t see properly, maybe I notice the effects of tiredness and get frustrated because it's an internally generated riding constraint as opposed to an external/environmental one, maybe it’s my imagination :? Has anyone else had a similar experience?

    BTW - The lights were adjusted last service, 3 mths ago, so I’m assuming they’re ok?
  2. I'm not fond of riding at night in built up, heavy traffic areas. I don't think my eyesight is as good as it used to be, and all the lights can be a bit daunting/dazzling sometimes.
  3. Not a fan of night riding, especially in built up areas. The extra ambient makes it difficult and my eyesight's not what it used to be (something to do with advancing years)

    I must confess to wondering if my lights are on sometimes too. Guess it's just usual caution PLUS.
  4. Um,correct me if im wrong,but bikes have been hardwired since '92 (or earlier) so your lights are always on.Next thing is if your lights arent on you wouldnt be able to see your dash,so thats a pretty good indicator.Maybe you lot are just getting too old :p :LOL:
  5. The other problem is when you lean a bike over, the light goes anywhere except where you would want it, or so it seems to me. In the car the lights stay level, and, of course, you've got two of them
  6. night riding is great.
    it has benifets .
    cars are easily spotted as they have there lights on
    street lights help as well
    less people at night on the road in suburbs
    peak hour is over

    now for your lights
    250 have real poor headlights , they may be out of whack.
    easy way to see if there on is put your hand over the front shield and it will show you.
    adjust your headlights and see if that makes a differance .
    if it doesnt , then get higher wattage , this may require taking it to a auto elec so you dont blow fuses etc .

    lighting at night is the most important part of riding.

    night riding should be respected , but dont be afraid of it , its a whole new world out there at night and you should get out and enjoy it .
  7. Hey man, they've already admitted to that, don't rub it in! (Oh, what's that you say, I'm the same age?..... {retires to corner muttering})
  8. Try going night riding with flipper or Foxy :LOL: It's one heck of an experience when you're behind them :p
  9. Must admit that my CB250 has pretty ordinary lights at night unless it's on full beam. Luckily there is a conversion kit to get a 55/65W halogen headlamp (I think that's what it is) rather than the 35/45W tungsten that it currently is. I think the conversion only costs about $60 and the globe about $20 but will firm up prices in a little while. Perhaps that is something that may be available for your bike
  10. I find night riding very, very exciting. It takes me a long time to calm down afterwards. :D :D :D
  11. i love night riding. i too had difullculty with seeing at night with my peacepoor stock headlights so i changed to dual headlights which i think are 55w each. blew a fuse or too but theryre running sweet now since i upgraded the fuses another 5amp. easy to do. massive increase lights just waitng for my airhorns now..

    night ridings great caus: for one people dont to be as in a hurry as much
    a lot less traffic on roads; specially those industrial estates.... :D
    a good place to practise your emergency burnouts i mean smokescreens :LOL: and your wheelies in case you know.... your front tyre blows out..... :LOL:

    more fun, you just have to be a lot more aware of road conditions, i have found that oil slicks tend to show up a lot more in streetlights....
  12. I've got a high beam/low beam switch on the left handle bar controls and a "on", "park light" and "off" selector switch on the right handle bar controls (Actually I just did a quick dash to the garage to make sure I had the "on" switch selected - I did :D Would have felt like a complete idiot if this had been the problem :shock: )

    Ok, you do have a point here :oops:

    I'm just going to ignore that one :p
  13. Thanks Nodz, I may look into this. My low beams definitely seem a bit pathetic
  14. Random thoughts:

    Having a clean visor while riding at night is IMHO more important than in the daytime.

    Around your area the street lights are quite bright so noticing a relatively small light like on a bike would be hard

    At night you have just been put on an less even field than cars in regards to visiability. Perhaps thats doing something subconciously.

    Colder at night so you might be more 'stiff' with your riding actions.

    Its a good thing you are questioning yourself and ensuring you are being as safe as possible, as soon as you get too blazay about it all you'll have a string of near misses and then crash between Whitfield and Mansfield.
  15. spot on Matt232, visor needs to be spotless, otherwise the glare will be distracting.

    Worse part of night riding for me is all those poorly adjusted headlights coming towards me, don't they make adjustableheadlights anymore?

    Hey pragnasty, careful just bumping up the fuse rating. They rated that fuse so that switches, and more importantly wiring won't overheat etc. Just upping the fuses blowing point could be expensive later.

  16. i'm with nodz. the cbs low beams suck. reallly badly. i'm also with apriliagirl. it's built up areas that are the worst at night.
    groberts is right about cars being easier to see. but i think the problem is that the cars headlights are really bright and end up screwing your nightvision. when you look down at the road ahead of your headlight or go to look up the deserted sidestreet you're turning into you can see sh!t all. when you're riding down a desterted street however, your nightvision slowly comes back and you feel moderately confident with your riding again.
    so, there are several solutions to the problem.
    wear sunnies to stop the cars lights being too glarey :p (probably not the best idea)
    get all the cars to change their headlights to red so the glare is reduced(that aint happening ever)
    or attempt to look away from the bazillion headlights all glaring in your face
    it's probably really really hard to do this as you need to know where the cars are, but i've tried doing it and it seems to work a little bit. there are always going to be the times when you need to look at cars though so its really not possible to keep your nightvision intact. be aware of how long it takes your eyes to adjust to the lack of light and know that you won't really be able to look into the dark for that period of time.

    endnote: this is my personal opinion on the matter and i am i no way an expert in this field. :shock: if someone else has a better idea, then feel free to express it and tell me i'm wrong but don't get all hung up on that fact. I'M ONLY A KIDDIE SO I'M MORE THAN LIKELY TO BE WRONG AND MORE THAN LIKELY TO BE HURT BY YOUR MEAN REMARKS :(
  17. I like both of these thoughts, and the second one might partly explain why my night riding recently got worse - very frustrating to suddenly feel like you are going backwards.
  18. yeah i'm more sensetive to other cars headlights when on the bike as opposed to the car considering the crap 45w'ers that are in the kwaka

    the brighter your lights the less their headlights affect you that i discovered in the country

    but before you go putting in brighter globes goto an aprillia shop and ask the mechanic what you need re relays or new connectors as they can melt if you get a bit carried away with the wattage

    you may find some yellow driving glasses help cut the glare and make everything a bit more visible or get a pair of lightly tinted polarised specs they work a treat