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Night into DAY!!!

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by hornet, Aug 11, 2005.

  1. Performance Bike Magazine featured these in their latest issue, with the comment below. Pricey, but for someone who does a lot of night riding....

    (In their article, they WERE being used and were pictured, on a bike (remembering the xenon argument of a few months ago)


    "These are the best headlights money can buy." ........ "With no filament to break and less current drawn than your 55W bulb, these lamps are the first choice of world-class endurance racers like Phase One" - Quotes from PERFORMANCE BIKES magazine, July 2005 issue page 8.
  2. Note the disclaimer in the FAQ section though:

    "Are these HID systems road legal?

    According to EU legislation HID systems factory fitted from new require a self levelling system and a lens washer to be fitted. However this is not specified for aftermarket kits. Our kits have passed all safety and emmissions tests and produce the correct light pattern. We know they will pass an MOT (original bulbs can be reinstalled in minutes if required without uninstalling the HID system). We are not aware of any legality issues in terms of the police. However this issue is a grey one with lots of confusion so until we can obtain official written proof either way, we must sell these for off road and display systems only."
  3. IMHO, the next best thing to HID lighting is Phillips' globes.
    I use Crystal Vision H4's in my WRX (HUGE difference in light output) and Vision Plus (50% more light than standard H4 bulbs) in my Hornet.
    The bulb was the FIRST thing i changed on the bike.
  4. hey deafwish where can i buy these bulbs and do i just replace them on my car or do i need to re-wire stuff or get some special HID unit installed?

    do they drain more energy?

    i got an integra if that helps
  5. where'd ya buy them, daz?
    (and, good call on the FAQ, jd, thanks for that)
  6. I have a set of Crystal vision in my Subaru and diamond vision in the Duke. I bought mine from Autobarn. They are not cheap though.
  7. Cost isn't the issue, for me. Although M/C headlights are miles better than they used to be, the SPREAD of light seems not to have improved greatly, and if these bulbs achieve that, then they're the ticket!
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  9. Might be interested in looking at that myself. I have H4 globes in the VFR already and they are a great improvement but I still feel that the light is a bit weak, especially since you need so much going for you when night riding.