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Night Blindness

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Blabber the awesome, Dec 9, 2010.

  1. For about the last 25 years I have suffered from night blindness,I cannot ride at night.
    My question is;do others suffer this malady and is there a cure?

  2. a headlight fitted in front of your bike
    my bike had one on it when i bought it, works great, my shoulder was killing after a while with my last bike, had to hold a torch
  3. If you get night googles (glasses)
    this will help
    My wife cant driv a car at night same prob
    give her the googles and off she goes
    now I can drink and not get dune of DD :p
  4. So she puts on the night goggles and you put on the beer goggles?

  5. I developed a new scientific instrument. It's called the beer microscope. It permits you to examine familiar textures and surfaces in amazing detail. Like carpet, tile, cement, asphalt, gravel....
  6. See, that's why you're a goose,my beer macroscope allows examination of the moon and stars.
  7. Which moon? That one or that one?
  8. LMFAO.....fvcking cunny funts. glad i'm not the only one drinking.
  9. Have always had it and so do most people in my family. It is inherited. The condition only affects me on country roads. Built up areas with lots of lights are fine. Was told the reason for it many years ago by a family doctor friend, but cannot remember all the jargon.... There was not a cure then, but if anyone knows of a real one, let us know.
  10. When i was in the army I learnt that i have terrible night vision... as they tended to go places so far from any population there was no "haze" from streetlights etc.

    But I can't say I suffer to the point that I can't drive / ride at night. Streetlights at least keep the lux to a certain level, and headlights would only enhance that further.

    Do you find you have fantastic colour definition?
    You eyes are made up of rods and cones... Cones see colour but needs lots of light and sucks at picking up motion, Rods see black and white but picks up motion very well.. and doesn't need lots of light. You tend to have more of the latter on your peripheral vision.... which is why at night, you're actually better off not looking directly at something, but off to the side. (stops those sabre-tooth tigers sneaking up on you too I suppose)

  11. I hear if you take shrooms everything will become bright and colourful, that should help you see.