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Nigerian BIKESALES Scam -- cbr250rr

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by mugen86, Apr 12, 2008.

  1. Update 15/04/08: please read the second post down

    Haha I can't believe I was almost suckered in by a scammer.

    I initially spotted a CBR250RR advertised in bikesales for AUD$3k + RWC and 7 Mo Rego, which is unusually cheap for a CBR from any year.

    I immediately sent the seller an email:
    The ad was then removed from bikesales the next day, which I initially assume was because the seller had found a buyer and sold the bike. I have never heard of scammers operating on bikesales -- they are getting smarter.

    So then I was surprised when I got this reply:

    The email came with some original high res photos of the bike. But no contact number and no address was given, information which is very irregular for a seller to withhold.

    This was when my suspicions arose. I promptly googled the keywords from the bottom of the ad and found an ad listed on tradingpost. The ad was exactly the same as above but it contained a phone number. I rang the phone number and asked the seller if the bike was still available for sale. He told me that he had sold the bike 1 month ago, but he had forgotten the name of the person he sold it to. I then asked him whether the purchaser's name was John Follis. He told me that name sounded familiar. At this point I was thinking... wow I'm getting a sweet deal on a bike, however it could be stolen... So I called Vicroads and did a check on the licence plate -- the bike had not been stolen.

    I replied:
    Later I got a reply:
    I was bewildered to say the very least... a person working for an Airline in the UK with only an elementary command over the english language -- or "engrish" if you will.

    This is the point where I googled "bikesales scam" and got a few relevant hits...

    Somebody help me rickroll this mafugga!

    [Edit: 13/April/2008]
    I just got a reply :)
  2. Doesn't look like a traditional scam to me, they normally start to request money quite early, they certainly don't agree to fly half way around the world to meet you!!

    I would carry on with it if I were you, see if he really comes over and check his ID carefully if he does.
  3. tell him
    thats fine and u really really want the bike
    but he sounds fake
    what u require is proof from him like a photo of him rooting a sheep and u will send him the money.

    u know how this works

  4. Zbike: :LOL: I will do that if nothing else comes to mind... but I would prefer a more subtle method of causing grief to this scammer.

    Indeed... The scammers are getting smarter but google is a powerful search tool! :) when I typed in "bikesales scam" i followed the first link and it was a topic on scammers which contained this in a post:

    Sound familiar?
  5. isnt it a given that a motorcycle is RWD :p
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  7. Well almost... search yamaha and AWD. *

    *Now I want to kill myself for being one of those tossers who corrects other posters and tells them to do a search. Excuse me whilst I go jump off my building... dammit only 4 floors...this might hurt.

    *edit Icetime did you know it only takes 3 floors on average for a human body to fall at a lethal pace. And shouldn't that be Damn it.

    *edit STFU should that question have one of these?
  8. haha its a SCAM
    next he will ask you for a deposit so he does not waste his time when you see the bike! and he will ask to use escrow service!
    have a look on www.cbr250.com- they guy emailed the scammer asking if it was a fuel injected model with a flux capacitor!! HAHHAHAHHA
    the scammer repiled it was a FI model!
    funny shit
  9. Instances like this are why you should always remember the saying - if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is too good to be true.
  10. tell him you are a serious buyer, and you would like the engine number and chassis number to do some checks on the bike. and due to the number of scammers you would like a pic of him holding up a current newspaper and some currency to make sure its not a scam. also tell him you have the money but its in cash so would be easier if he comes over. you can take the bike for a ride, and you will provide the cash on the day.

    if its a serious seller, this will spark his interest, and he will comply. if not he will avoid the pic esp, and tell you he can only deal with western union. dont transfer directly trough his bank, you could lose your money.

    make sure you get to ride the bike before he gets his hands on the cash.
    the hayabusa i was looking at buying for 8 grand, the guy kept saying he was too busy at work and didnt have a digital camera. in the end, i got the whole "look, ive got plenty of people interested, and i need money now to secure the bike for you.. its up to you now."

    i replied with im not willing to part with money on a bike i havent seen, and the pictures arent good enough i want to see the real deal. never heard back from the scammer again.

    trust me when i tell you, this sellers use of english, and especially aussie terms is alot better than most scammers. "i had to garage the bike" is a pretty aussie thing to say.. scammers like to use storage companies as excuses.
  11. Do you still have the original email? If so you may be able to tell where the person is geographically by looking at the sender IP address and using something like dnsstuff dot com to do an IPWhois. At least you may be able to see if he is on the level from that perspective...
  12. LOL. Yes this is the same guy that I was reading about on another website and it was for a cbr250rr as well, they were teasing the seller and asked him:

    - Is this cbr250rr the carb model or the more popular fuel injected model?

    - I see the bike has just done over 14000kms, at that service was the flux capacitor changed? As I know this would need replacing shortly after this service.

    The guy replied yes its the fuel injected model and yes the flux capacitor was changed :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  13. some maggots will do anything for money huh?
    i nearly got scammed once when i saw someone trying to sell my own girlfriend on ebay for $2500.shes worth atleast $6000.very sus.
  14. Yes unfortunately it is a scam.



    The cbr250.com thread is worth a read as its quite amusing.

    Not much you can do. The cops aren't interested in it as people are only getting scammed $1500. Chasing some random across the internet is way too much hard work when they can make that much money with a couple of hidden radars. :roll:
  15. Why would someone spend $2K on a return trip to the UK to sell a bike worth $3K?

    Don't contact them, don't bait them (not with your "personal" email address anyway).
  16. Assuming they aren't a scumbag...not likrey ey... flight crews etc generally fly for free...

    Tell them you are more interested in stealing the bike... and thus could he please provide the location and whether or not you'd need bolt cutters... he might offer you a job. :)
  17. whoops my bad for my ignorance... i think what i meant was
    "almost all" roadbikes. but you know w/e... my bad!
  18. F#&% me that's exactly the same effing maggot that got me. And i thought i'd moved on... :mad:
    Unfortunately the cops just don't wanna know about it. It's not enough money to go chasing someone overseas. What's scary is that he is still spinning exactly the same story as 6 months ago!
  19. Hey mate,

    I tell you why the add got removed from bikesales.com... I called bikesales the very next day in the morning the ad was posted and i got the operator who said that this was very supicious, she put me on hold for about 3 minutes then tolld me it must be a scam as theere was no phone number and was very suspicious, she told me not to deposit any money into any bank accounts and not to respond to any further emails, she then advised that she would be removing this add... how it got there in the first place i do not know.. however crisis averted.