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Nigella Lawson I am not..

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by I Adore Vic, Apr 29, 2008.

  1. ...boob wise, butt wise and talent wise.

    OMG. Seeing as I have a few free days, I decided to do some cooking. And seeing as I view cooking as only being fun if I'm making things like cookies or cakes or muffins, I decided to surprise the kids when they get home this afternoon with some culinary delights - aka Raspberry Muffins.

    I even splurged bigtime and bought the fresh raspberries - $7 a punnet x 2.

    And I mixed it all up and added the raspberries and spooned big spoonfuls into the muffin tray and chucked it in the oven. Switched timer to 25mins and went and had a coffee and did some washing downstairs. Came back upstairs to the smell of not freshly baked raspberry muffins, but burnt raspberry muffins.

    Last night I cooked chicken parmas and to melt the cheese on top, I popped them in the oven and switched it to the grill setting.
    Well today I forgot to switch it back to the oven setting... :( As a result the muffins all burnt on top in a very short period of time :( I cut the burnt lids off and stuck them back in the oven but they just don't look very yummy and I don't think they'll impress the girls when they get home. I am happy in that I have a little extra leftover mixture which should make about 4 perfect raspberry muffins....I'll hide the others under these ones and the girls will be able to think 'Wow! Yum! Yay!' for about 2 seconds... haha..

    Oh - and they're the Beechworth Bakery muffins from their recipe book, so they were bound to be awesome!! :( :LOL:

    I'm about to attempt Lemon slice. Fingers crossed. Lol.

  2. Whip up some lemon icing and throw it over the tops of the not very yummy looking ones - no-one will know and the kiddies can fight over who gets the ones with icing :)

  3. I don't know how it'd go with berries, but once I burnt the outside of a caramel cake and this is what I did:

    took off all the burnt bits
    crumbled it all up
    added a little milk (just enough for everything to start sticking together)
    packed it tightly into a pie dish
    poured icing over the top (made with melted choc caramels, icing sugar and milk)
    stuck it in the freezer for a few hours

    WALLA! I made caramel slice!
  4. I am sure sam wont care if they have the tops missing :LOL: :p

    This reminds me of the fist time I baked a Pav.
    Bought a groovy pav plate from trash n treasure one sunday morning, on the way home read the ingredient list from the plate and bought all I needed. Followed the directions when I got home and piled the gooey mess high onto the plate, only to realise I then couldn't read how hot to have the oven, and how long to cook it for :roll: :LOL:
  5. Well Nigella's no Rosie either... I bet she couldn't ride a VTR250 100km with a broken foot!
  6. :rofl:

    Thanks for the suggestions fellow cooks - haha - I can't be stuffed doing whatever with them to save them - the kids will eat them if they're hungry...lol.
  7. yeah! :woot: ahaha..
  8. :LOL: reminds me of Friday night when I made a roast for the first time in yeaaaaaaaars....and without the watchful eye of my mum telling me what to do when :p

    Have avoided making one for Dave cuz I didn't wanna bugger it up...so what do I do? Wait until I have ANOTHER two unsuspecting guests in Stewy and Lenna :LOL:

    Thankfully, it worked :p:grin:
  9. Since you like making cookies Rosie, here is a well tried and tested recipe thats been in my family for yonks, my nanna used to make them on wednesdays when she minded me while my Mum worked.

    Choc chip and walnut cookies(could use macadamias if you prefer)

    250g margarine
    250g castor sugar
    4 tablespoons condensed milk
    1 pkt nestlé choc bits
    1 sml packet walnuts( put in a freezer bag and roll with a rolling pin to crush them)
    1tsp vanilla essence
    12oz SR flour (375gr)

    preheat oven to 180/350

    cream sugar and margarine, add the remaining ingredients, mix with a big spoon.
    Roll the mixture into little balls ( balls will flatten out in the oven)
    Bake on a greased oven tray until golden round the edges (12-15 mins depending on oven)
    They look soft when ya first take them out of the oven but if you
    cool on the stainless drainer of ya sink, this will make the bottoms crunchy.
    Bake one tray at a time so one can cool on the sink while the next is baking.
    I get about 6 trays worth from each batch.
  10. Rosie, if you'd like another super-dooper easy baking recipe I can give you the recipe for my grandma's choc-chip coconut macaroons. (I'll PM you because it's a secret!!!) It's also nice and cheap.

    They do come with a warning - after kids consume them they need to go outside and run around for about 1/2 hour afterwards.
  11. Damn .. You lot know how to make a guy Hungry ... :p
    MMMM macadamia nut cookies :grin:
  12. Rosie. Did you turn into F@&*n Gordon F@&*n Ramsay when you realised? :LOL:
  13. My 14 yr old said they looked retarded:


    sorry for the little photo - taken with my phone camera... :grin:

    Her and her older sister ate one anyway and reckoned they were delicious. :grin: :grin: How d'ya like THAT Nigella! :p :p
  14. Damn, I shouldn't have opened up my recipe box, now I'm thinking of making ginger beer.
    Last time I made it, I was awoken in the middle off the night to the sound of little explosions in the laundry :shock: :LOL:
  15. Hey Caz and Claire! Thanks for the recipes :) They sound yummy... anything with chocolate chips in will last 5 minutes in this place.

    2wheels - :LOL: That's the only show on tele that I'll watch..love it...haha.
  16. :LOL: I've no idea what Ginger beer is but it sounds like fun - nothing wrong with a little bang or two in the night! ;) :oops: :LOL:
  17. lol, looks are deceiving :wink:

    I don't know how my Mum does it, she rarely needs to get out a recipe, but manages to produce marvellous culinary treats, without batting an eye.
    Me on the other hand, end up with crap from one end of the kitchen to the other, a cook book covered in "stuff" and hit n miss results.
    But its all fun ( as long as someone else cleans up)
  18. Your 14 yr old was probably right... :bolt:

    No, seriously though, they look better than most of my creations.
  19. Same here. Off to the Rogue Traders tonight and we'll miss it :(
  20. It makes a good mixer with rum ;).

    Of course it's also possible to make alcoholic ginger beer :).