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nifty .. hybrid bikes

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by emsie, May 19, 2007.

  1. http://www.popularmechanics.com/blogs/automotive_news/4216271.html

    Hybrid (electric motor) Chopper .. won't appeal to all, but pretty cool :)

    "Loud pipes may save lives, but quiet, all-electric motorcycles may save the planet. Well, sort of. But, hey, at least they'll save some coin when you silently whiz past the gas station. We got a chance to see a lithium-ion powered chopper when Hybrid Technologies (the same guys with the electric roadster and the electric mini cooper) swung by out office. Their Stealth motorcycle has a horsepower equivalent to a 500-cc bike, and it tops out at around 50 mph. That's not much on the highway, but it's plenty of speed to zoom around town. And at least your neighbors won't complain about the noise: This is one good looking, yet nearly silent hog. Check out the video below.... —Benjamin Chertoff"
  2. Sounds ummmmm. no it doesn't.
    I lke the way they say zero emissions. HTF do they generate the electricity to charge it?
  3. Yeah, or to make the plastics and batteries etc...

    Pretty much everything in our society comes from oil based industry so saving a tank of burnt petrol every week is hardly going to offset the amount of emissions coming from the production sector.

    But its the thought that counts, right?
  4. If you look at 'full life' enviromental impact studies of "green" vehicals there not as green as the tree huggers would have you believe
  5. i'm getting a Jeep.......or maybe a Hummer
    (I read the RACV report too)
  6. Not as money-saving as some manufacturers would have you believe either - not once you factor in the cost of electricity to charge and the cost of replacing battery packs.
    And exactly how the do they figure it has the power equivalence of a 500cc bike if it's maxiumum speed is just 50mph :? . Surely it can't be that hard to give the hp rating of the motor used so people can see for themselves how it compares against petrol engines (guessing it'd be much lower than the hp output of any 500cc motorcycle).
  7. I think we have to consider electric vehicles the same way as we do hyosungs. They are not there yet, but they will improve and without sales the manufacturers will just not pursue them.

    I won't buy one yet, and at the moment they are not as environmentally efficient as people would like, but if we improve our power generation technology and battery technology then one day they should be the way to go I mean they are even starting to look at performance seriously. http://www.gizmag.com/go/3889/
  8. Agreed. There was after all a time when cars/bikes were actually slower and less efficient than a horse. Personally though I reckon biodiesel has more potential than electric for bikes - even if battery technology advances in weight/capacity there's still probably not going to be a lot of "clean" power around to charge it. Plus even though lack of noise with an electric is good in some ways - it could also cause a lot more accidents espcially with pedestrians.
  9. The bikes ITS SELF makes no emissions he makes to claim that it takes no emissions to charge it ;)
  10. I think fuel cell vehicles will eventually be the answer... only water as the output.

    Heavy vehicles are already available with these power plants, and Mercedes are very close to a car version (well actually they have a car version, but it's only in limited test production). Honda also have one.

    It would be possible to put these sorts of units into a large scooter, but not really suited to sports bikes :)