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Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, Oct 15, 2016.

  1. When I was just a lad, (well, when I was about 11) my family had no money and vehicles, if any, were old and generally unreliable. The only member of my entire family that had money, and cars, was my mother's youngest brother Robert. He was a budding research geologist with BHP, and had graduated from unreliable British bikes (I remember and AJS and a BSA separately depositing oil all over my grand-mother's driveway) to unreliable British sports cars, which intermittently did the same. He had, in quick succession, a red MG-A, and then a BRG MG-B. My twin brother and I were completely bewitched with these utterly different vehicles, and especially with the famous second-gear growl of the MG-B. We nagged enough to get a ride in both, with the top down, of course, and came away even more starry-eyed.

    For the intervening 50+ years I have followed my father's path into church ministry and relative poverty; as he did, so have I! I have never owned a new car, and most of my vehicles, with the exception of the current Magna Solara, have been old, high-mileage, unreliable, uncomfortable and beige, and, usually, all those attributes combined. But I have always wished that I could have had a sports car.

    In the seventies I sublimated this passion into two wheels; I bought my first bike in 1974, and with a few years gap between then and now, I've had bikes as my 'just for fun' vehicles. Retirement, however, suddenly awakened the sleeping giant; maybe I could use some of my superannuation to actually realise my childhood dream.

    So the search began, and the result is that last week I added Nicole to the Magna and the VFR in my modest stable of vehicles; here she is at Road Warriors, last Wednesday, just 24 hours after I bought her.


    Why Nicole? Well, as the personalised plates suggest, I bought her from a lady named Nicole, and I couldn't think of a better name.

    So, what's she like? Well, Mrs Hornet and I are totally in love with her; she makes a trip to the shops fun! Acceleration is nothing like even the relatively leisurely pace of my 21-year-old VFR, but more than adequate to spot a gap in traffic, or 'buy' some clear road off the lights. After 4 years of a 3.5 litre V6 in my Magna, the fuel consumption is astonishing; 32.9mpg on our last trip. And handling and steering? Well, it's just like riding the bike, honestly; line up a corner and gas it and it just hangs on like a limpet.

    Anyway, sorry to be raving on, but as you can understand, I'm having a ball with this car.

    If you can get one, do; Mazda have made a million + of these (originally) Lotus Elan clones, and if Lotus could have built a car half as good, they would have been able to sell a million of them too...
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  2. Nicole is beautiful hornethornet! Congratulations and may she look after your inner child for many years. :happy:
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  3. Good job hornethornet, I'm a petrolhead, period, so love my cars as well as bikes. Always good to have a sports car (or at least a sporty car) around....
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  4. #4 chilliman64, Oct 15, 2016
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    that's a ripper of a car hornethornet and a very nice personal story - thank you very much for sharing!

    I reckon you and Mrs H will have heaps of fun with Nicole and on those cold winter days when riding may be that extra bit uncomfortable you can still get out and have heaps of fun. awesome.

    edit: gotta admit I also like the name of your ride as it gives the opportunity for endless puns and double entrendres regarding Nicole...
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  5. Congratulations, hornethornet! It looks marvellous. Instead of buying a motorcycle, one of my in-laws bought an MX-5, also in silver. He decided on the MX-5 because he likes going out for a weekend drive with his wife and she was not amenable to riding pillion on a motorcycle. Once a keen motorcyclist, he loves this car and I'm sure you will too.
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  6. Congrats on the new edition :)

    She's beautiful :)
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  7. A part of my agenda was at least that: Mrs Hornet used to ride her own bike back in the seventies before she fell pregnant with our first. I wanted her to get back out in the open air and enjoy what it used to be like on the bike, but she didn't want to try pillion after so long. We tested the Can-Am Spyder and she liked it a lot, but ultimately not having to buy a lot of gear, and such, and having to gear up before every outing tipped the balance in favour of the car....
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  8. Congrats Hornet.

    My father has added one of these to the garage post retirement too. Having driven it, I know what you mean about the driving experience. Very bike like and they handle like a go kart!

    I also like the fact that you don't have to be doing big speeds to enjoy it. You sit that low in an MX that the dam thing feels fast at the speed limit on a winding road!

    Personally I think they need is another 40-50kw and they would be just absolutely awesome.

    I have been trying to talk dad into a turbo! LOL
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  9. I'm hoping to do the Putty next weekend!!!
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  10. Nice one hornethornet (y).
    I can just see you now cruzing down the highway , wind blowing through your scalp....:hungry:
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  11. A classic car, enjoy it.
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  12. I think that this is a great compromise and an experience that you'll both continue to enjoy in a different, but not lesser, way. That you don't need riding gear and can put the top down when the weather turns cold or rainy is a plus. You've waited a long driving career from the days of your uncle's MGs to get a sports car of your own; I hope it brings you many moments of motoring pleasure. I suppose in a similar way to getting a motorcycle, 'all roads are new' when it comes to driving them in the MX-5!
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  13. For a while I had one of the first series, and yes, they do hold the road and are great fun!!!
  14. I can't wait to introduce her to those magic roads you showed us a couple of weeks ago...
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  15. This is how mine ended up, my youngest son was driving when a old bloke pulled out from a side street......
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  16. Ouch
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  17. Got SMIDSYed!
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  18. Bugger! Hope he pulled up better than the car!
  19. Yeah he was ok, the old bloke had to be cut out of his car though.
  20. When hornethornet Met Nicole

    Coming soon to theatres


    Congratulations Sir! Hope there are many romantic drives around the beautiful countryside!
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