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Nicky Hayden to ride X-games supermoto

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by devotard, Jul 30, 2008.

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    As per the title, Honda has given Nicky the all clear to ride at the X games for TLD. It will be interesting to see how it pans out. Aussie, Troy Herfoss, should be running at the front along with usual suspects Burkhart and Ward. Italian, Lazzarini, is fantastic on asphalt, but the American tracks (even more so the X-games tracks) have very supercross like dirt sections which the Europeans don't have. Full rider list can be found here: http://expn.go.com/expn/story?id=3458041

    Nicky is often cross-training with SM and I believe holds a lap record somewhere stateside. Unfortunately the X games tracks are traditionally pretty shitty on the asphalt side of things, but nonetheless it would be great for the sport if he and bike are competitive on the day.

    Here's a quick clip of Hayden, Mamola, Biaggi having a play.

  2. That will be good to see if it goes through. I speak to Nicky a fair bit on instant messanger so I'll get the inside story for ya.

    I've ridden motocross a fair bit with Nicky in America and he is really good at that too so it will be good to see how he goes if it happens.
  3. That'd be ace. :cool: I've heard they haven't had much time to get a bike sorted, hope it works out.
  4. This needs to be on, close to my house.
  5. Yeah a few years back I was able to visit Nickys pit garage and the background picture on the laptop was a shot of him sliding everything in on what I think was a Supermotard? Would that be right AG23?

    It was a real impressive shot, and I consider him to be the most approachable rider of all of them. Just wish he went a bit quicker and beat that spic team mate of his.
  6. C'mon Factory, DP has copped his Double Penetration in this thread.
  7. I think he'll be fine. Him and his brothers ride all the time and Nicky does lap with the best of them at one of the main practice tracks - with no dirt.

    The main thing that may hold him back is no real practice in the dirt on slick tyres, because we know how much different that is even though he is a really good motocrosser.

    Yep, he sure does slide around a lot but when he really tries hard he keeps it pretty straight in line.

    I can't believe Honda are letting him do it mid-season.

    Once he goes to Ducati next year he'll be back up front I reckon.
  8. Just about any other event would be less risky than this one too. Crowd pleasing MX style starts, unforgiving dirt section, and an asphalt section they'll jam in the parking lot with dodgy surfaces, no run off and concrete walls. :(

    Is Ducati looking like a certainty?
  9. About 95 percent unless Honda comes up with an offer before the next round, which is unlikely!
  10. Ducati's the kiss of death to anyone but the ranga... If Capirossi and Melandri can't ride it it must be an animal.
  11. Lets hope he gets a good pre- season done.
  12. IMO, it's probably the best indication yet that HRC couldn't care less what happens to Hayden, not even for the rest of this season. It has all the appearance of cutting him loose, and if he bangs himself up, they don't have to spend the money putting him in the grid for the rest of the season.
  13. Cheers. :)

    Unfortunate typo with the "lose riding", but some nice pics in there.
  14. Thanks for the shots.
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    Check the sequence from 2:14. Clicking down gears while doing a stoppie. Nice.
  16. After avoiding anything x-games on the web for the last week, I've finally watched the SM. Once again a tarmac snore-fest with polished concrete, solid concrete walls, and next to no passing. It all happened in the dirt of course with a gold medal contender going out in the start (that's great for the race guys :roll: ) and triple-triples being the trump card over double-double-doubles. At least they got rid of the pit stop this year.

    Coverage was awesome. I loved watching Burkhart kick start his bike for about 2 minutes in total, ride around in last for 1 minute, then talk to a track official for another minute. Meanwhile, Aussie Troy Herfoss leads the final for 3 laps before getting bike troubles, a fact which passed with but a passing mention and absolutely no footage.

    A bummer Hayden didn't end up competing. I heard he qualified 15th, good going considering all the other guys live supermoto.

    Ah well, back to usual programming on FIM/AMA for some more enjoyable racing.