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Nick's Redundancy Sale

Discussion in 'Archived' at netrider.net.au started by FZR600, Nov 7, 2012.

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  1. #1 FZR600, Nov 7, 2012
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    hi all,

    having been made redundant many months ago and struggling to find on-going work, it's time to sell off excess bikes and gear......


    Blue camo Draggin Jeans - either a size 32 or 34 (size tag is no longer attached). $100

    Blue/Silver Alpinestars boots - Size 42Euro. Unsure what model, but purchased about 7 years ago (when I had my Yamaha's), some scuffing to the toes, and minimal wear to the sliders (just from kicking things as I walked). $100

    Kawasaki Pit Jackets - Size Large
    2x winter (listed as "snow mobile" jackets on their website). $50 each
    1x lighter weight with zip out vest. $50

    AXO Back protector. Only worn a handful of times, as the majority of my jackets have had inbuilt armour. Label lists "waist to shoulder" measurement as 42. (i'm guessing a small to medium). $50

    Red/Black WaldenMiller Jacket - Size 44 (around a medium) - $50

    Other stuff:
    Custom Number Plate - OCD GT (was purchased to suit my 380 project). Never fitted/assigned to a bike, in phantom purple. $500

    DeAgostini Mini Motorbikes - Set of 60 (old post hasn't been migrated to the new forum yet)
    Full set for $750 or will sell bikes in smaller lots. $15 each, or $12.50each if you buy 2 or more.

    Bikes (or parts there of):

    Two boxes of bits to suit Suzuki GT125 - $400

    Suzuki GT250. $1100
    Was running back in 2005 when purchased (except front brake as I discovered when I got to the end of the driveway). Tank and side covers were freshly painted in late 2005/early 2006 (british racing green). Bike has then sat unsued in a shed at my parents farm since late 2006 (tank and side covers not fitted).

    Suzuki GT380's. - $3,500
    Was going to be a father/son project with my Dad, however he has decided that he wants to restore a car instead. 2 rollers (plan was one each),
    Roller 1 - first owner burnt a piston in late 79 or early 1980, parked it in a corner of his parents garage in Chadstone until we got it Easter 2006 (family friend).
    Roller 2 - purchased from a wrecker in Sydney mid 2009, along with a spare engine.
    Parts - another 3 or 4 engines in various conditions, along with spare forks, tank, wheels, and electrical bits and pieces (8 years worth of ebay and swap meets).

    Suzuki GT550. - $1000
    Was purchased as a roller in 2006 as a fathers day gift, mainly for the wheels and forks for the first 380 project. Currently has a GT250x7 front end fitted to make it moveable. An engine was purchased late 2011 from a wrecker and shipped with a box of parts (which turned out to be a mixture of 250, 380 and 550 parts), there's also a near complete engine that's on it's way from Sydney. Plan had been to turn it into a nostalga drag bike, so swing arm and rear of frame have been extended 6 inch's. Also have a number of boxes of parts purchased from Sydney wrecker in 2009.

    Yamaha RZ1-250cc - $800
    Purchased a RZ1-250 in 2008 (from memory), with the intention of using the front and rear ends to update a 380 and make it into a 2 stroke rocket that would actually handle. Need to hunt through my garage, but know the following should be there....
    - Forks and top triple clamp (need to chase where the bottom has gone)
    - Front guard (chance mounting brackets are damaged on fork legs)
    - Front wheel (tire had just been replaced)
    - Rear swing-arm, including axle and brake caliper
    - Rear wheel

    Pics are at:

    If you want to view any items, please send me a PM. I'm in Narre Warren South.

    Open to any serious offers on above items.


  2. Bike pics?
  3. In the process of uploading into the album.
  4. So many people made redundant lately. We might need a thread that lists what kind of work people on netrider are looking for. You never know who knows who.

    Good luck with the sales.
  5. Excellent idea
  6. Feel free to run with the idea and start one up. I'm not good at wording threads like that. I always come across offensive.
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