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Nick's Gixx smashed to bits (written off, pics on page3)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by nickt, Feb 25, 2009.

  1. Hi all,

    Looks like my clean run has come to an end 1.5 years into my riding career!

    Was doing about 60km/h on the way to work when a car turned out from an intersection on my left hand side and crossed my path attempting to turn right. Had no idea she was going to come out, I could see her clearly and assumed she could see me.

    Attempted emergency brake, couldn't stop it quick enough, hit the front at probably 20-40km/h, bike spun down the road, I slid a little. Immediately got my butt off the road because I didn't want any traffic to hit me (there wasn't any more traffic around, luckily for me, though it also makes me wonder why she didn't see me when I was the only one around). Cops took our statements, said she was completely at fault, though I have full compo anyway if she isn't insured (will sort that out tomororw).

    Ambo's, cops and fire on scene, Ambo said I was mostly fine, took me to hospital for precautionary xrays, they didn't find anything. Stayed for another 4 (extremely boring) hours for observation, went home with a swollen/slightly sprained ankle, grazed arse (kevlar jeans did well), scratched helmet, right glove scratched on the knuckle protectors, right side of my jacket is all scratched up, and my shoulder hurts (judging by my jacket I landed on it). Boots also have a big dent in it.

    and so.. *sigh*.. my poor dear gixxer.. she took most of the impact for me. It was her that hit the car instead of me, and she took a beating :(


    A little drawing:



    Few more pics are up at http://flickr.com/photos/ntriantafillou/sets/72157614329623829/

    +1 for ATGATT. I never leave home without it. If I didn't have my boots I'm pretty sure my ankle would have been broken, my arm would probably have had most of the skin ripped off and stuffed my shoulder without my leather jacket.

    Also thanks to the nice ambo's, the guy on the bike who stopped and turned my ignition off for me and grabbed my key, and the nice doctors and nurses at the Royal North Shore Hospital.


  2. What can I say, except "Any one you can walk away from is a good one"? Sad about the bike but good to hear that you are OK :).
  3. Ahh that sucks dude. Such a nice bike.

    Main thing is that you have survived and walked away relatively unscathed.

    Bikes can be replaced.

    So where to from here bike wise?

  4. At least you were doing a nice wheelie at the time.
  5. Not sure yet, she was only 3 months old :( barely broken her in. I'll see what insurance says.. do they usually give an equivalent replacement? or I get to choose? KTM superduke would be nice.. :p
  6. Not good to hear about.

    Glad your not majorly hurt out of it.
  7. Sorry to hear about it mate, glad to hear your OK.

    Out of interest, what - if anything - would you do differently ? You know, with the benefit of hindsight was there something that you learnt from it.
  8. Send me her details! I'm selling a Mazda 3
  9. Glad you're alright
    I had virtually the same thing happen to me, although I had no time to slow down before impact only enough time to stand up ready for launch.

    Most bike insurers offer a replacement bike for the first 24 month if you are the original owner. So you will be able to get a new bike, or they will give you a pay out some which will probably be a little less. Remember to claim for all your gear, helmet, pants, jacket, boots, gloves anything that touched the road.

    I was insured with Swann they came to the party on everything except they only pay a max of $500 for the helmet, so I had to recover the difference from HER insurance. Make sure when you get a quote for your gear you go to the most expensive place you can find.
  10. Re: Nick's Gixx smashed to bits :(

    Never assume anything. Love the photoshop job mate. Good to see you can have a bit of a laugh. ATGATT FTW.
  11. I've been thinking about this almost all day. All I can come up with is 'ride at 30km/h in a 60km/h zone' or 'you should have swerved to the other side of the road and take the chance no cars would come over the blind hill and hit you head on'.

    She did come out really really quickly. I braked as fast as I could. Maybe I could have swerved from side to side to make her notice me a little more and not pull out? I'm just not sure (and certainly open to suggestion).

    is 'leave for work 2 minutes later' an option? that could have helped :p to me this was a very 'shit happens' accident. I've had people cut me off when I've stupidly been in their blind spot, where I would have claimed it was my fault.
  12. Bugger to hear about the accident, glad you are ok and that your gear held up well saving you from more serious injuries

    and ktulu :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  13. damn...thaaaaatttssss naaaaasssty.

    Good to hear you came out in one piece.

    I would suggest doing a slalom action within your lane will usually notify the driver that you are actually closer then what they perceive. It has in fact saved me a couple of times...

    Once I saw a lady in her Rav4 at a T-intersection...she slowed down but also creeping past the stop line. I slowed down and did a slalom...she noticed and immediately stopped, the whole car just tipped forward and she waved sorry. So since then I have done slaloms at T-intersections :D

    phong =P~
  14. Good to hear you're ok mate. There's really not much more that you could have done to avoid the dickhead.
    +1 for ATGATT. I cop a lot of flack for wearing ATGATT, but it's situations like yours that I do it.
  15. Pity about the bike but walking away from that wreakage is an achievement of the last resort - armour!

    She was getting around in a mazda 3 without insurance? geez I wish I had that kind of money... it is money right, nothing to do with a lack of sense?

    Good to hear about the fellow biker who stopped and lent a hand too.
  16. nah, I'm unsure of her insurance status, I'll do all that tomorrow. :)
  17. Glad to hear your ok. Bikes can be replaced.
    On the insurance side of things you will find that the insurance company will replace with a brand new one being 3 months old.
  18. kinda good to hear. although annoying because it was the last black and orange k8 in Sydney. :-( i'll probably have to get white or blue or something.
  19. Yer i know what your saying cause that black and orange is hot. The new blue and white doesn't look good imo. It's a lighter blue. Good luck with it all.
  20. Make her insurance pay for a paint job!

    Good to know you're considering how bad the bike came off :(
    Hope you're back on the road asap!