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Nick's Gixx. (more pics on page 3)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by nickt, Nov 25, 2008.

  1. FINALLY!!

    Yes, nickt, the CBR125 lover (and I still love it as a city commuter, i'll defend that bike to my death) has upgraded.

    So I've only wanted this bike the past year and saved like a mofo for it. 2 months ago I went to the Wollongong Suzuki dealership and they said they have no stock, and unless I find a dealer with one, I'm not getting a black/orange k8. I quickly found one on bikesales in Castle Hill (their last one!), headed there the next day and put a deposit on it, and paid in full a few days later, as they had no issue keeping the bike on the floor (with a cover on it) for me for 1.5 months if I paid in full.

    They also said in that 1.5 months they had offers from 1-5k more than I paid for it, but they didn't sell it from under me because it was mine and that wouldn't be very nice :grin:

    It was supposed to be delivered last night but they had a bit of a screw up, but it was OK because I only got off my P's today. Flatmate dropped me off and I rode it home instead. To compensate, they gave me a free tank protector, yay \o/

    On to the pics (*nod @ Ktulu*):

    So shiny:

    Temporary plate, RTA can't swap my to my new red ROFL plate until I get the rego forms. Also big stock pipe, it'll do for now:

    Free tank protector due to lack of delivery yesterday:

    My Oggies:

    This clutch kills my hand compared to the 125's, need to learn how to adjust it:

    Isn't she sexy:

    My two babies:

    That's all for now, maybe a picture of me on it when my flatmates get home. This thing has *so* much power and I'm treating that throttle with respect. When I turned out of the dealership I looked down and I was already going 60km/h. It's going to take some getting used to.

    Also: huge thanks to all the netriders who have helped me out so far getting to this point, I know there's so much more to learn (superbike school soon hopefully), and I'll be sure to come on more rides now I have something that's more comfortable on the longer rides.


  2. i'm in love!!
  3. so jealous! nice one!
  4. What can i say, nice choice, wicked bike.
    I didnt like the exhausts but in person it doesn't seem that big, and has a nice purr to it.

    Looks the goods cuz, cant wait to see.
  5. Very nice! Me Likey!
  6. Congrats man... That's my dream bike...

    Is there much difference in the seat height of the K8 compared to your cbr125? I can flat foot on the 125 so I'm curious if the K8 would be the same
  7. I'm very impressed. Enjoy your work of art, you enviable man.
  8. now you know why people say 125 are way too under powered :wink:

    nice ride :)
  9. It's higher, but I can *just* flat foot on the 750, the seat height is rather low compared to the other 600+'s. :)

    *ignores stewys comment* :p
  10. Cool thanks man...
  11. Very nice bike, good colour scheme and really tough looking. That stock exhaust is horrible though. How much was it ride away if you don't mind me asking?
  12. *Foams at the mouth
    That's so incredibly sexy, and I actually really like the chunky exhaust.
    Hope to see it around Wollongong :grin:
  13. 16.3, retails at 17.9k + came with $700 of free gear (got leather pants/gloves).
  14. Woohoo Nick!!!! Congrats matey - I'm in love with that colour scheme - was definately worth chasing down! :LOL:
  15. I've always loved gixxers, and this colour scheme looks so good. Congratulations.
  16. This is a very good thread.
  17. Yeah, I guess that it satisfies your lust for pix.
  18. Congrats Nick looks hot! Gotta love the colour
  19. Nice Nick,

    Glad you managed to get the gear also, thought you might have missed the boat.

    I cancelled my order here in Vic after they "made a mistake" and didn't actually have the Orange and Black as they first thought, searched the country for it, ended up having one trucked down from Canberra to my door. Glad I did.

    Great Pics BTW, did they remove the fender for you before pick up?
  20. Pardon my ignorance, but are GSXR750 in general this hard to get or is it just black/orange colour scheme that is so desirable?