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Nickers - Some pilots are giving the rest of you a bad name

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Chef, Aug 9, 2011.

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  2. FFS... you can't even have a little mid air fellatio now days without it getting on the news...
  3. hmmm, have seen the uncensored pics.

    say bye bye to your career.

    discretion advised:

    oh, yeah, i got a flight on cathay next mth;)
  4. WAs just about to say


    Where did you find the uncensored pic? I was about to link the censored pic, but see you have that sorted. Couldn't quite workout what the video was saying, I particularly liked the computer animated run through of events.
  5. That's a hell of a coincidence!!!

    I just booked in to try out their flight simulator next month :D
  6. What an over reaction.
  7. Oh dear. How does it go?
    "Please return the hostess to the upright position and observe the no stroking and fasten suspender belt signs."
  8. LMAO.....funny bugger
  9. Thanks for bringing this 'up' guys ! LOL
    I had actually been tossed the local HK newspaper to see this 'spectacular' event inflight last Friday, bound for Melbourne (and the start of my leave - rest of August off..but that's another story in itself :D).

    At the time, I was shocked and the crew member who brought the paper in for us to see was indeed one of the Cabin Crew females. I explained how thoroughly upset I was that this has never happened to me (;) )....
    I am in no way informed or able to comment on who/what/why/where this happened... only that it wasn't me...DAMN IT !

    It is unfortunate that this has received such public attention, arguably over something which happens in any other 'office' every minute of the day worldwide. As the spokesperson in the article has mentioned, this would not have occurred inflight, thus jeopardizing the safety of the aircraft and its occupants in ANY way.

    I have seen the pics (same ones in your posted article, smee) which are blurred to hide identity of those involved. I have also seen the REAL McCOY...and they are MUCH more fun to look at...damn, lucky bugger ;)

    Speaking in a casual manner here guys but also as a company representative of arguably one of the world's finest airlines, this stuff VERY rarely happens. This is the first time such a story has reached public view. Quite justifiably, the media is having a field day with this one.

    I actually pity the two crew members involved.
    A BJ can be awesome at the best of times, but not when it's career-limiting.

    As a whole, it DID make my return flight back to Melbourne a MUCH more enjoyable experience. I also noticed the cabin crew visiting us were mostly males that day...bwahahahaha !

    Life is good when it's full of laughs (y)
    PS - I'm pretty sure applications for recruitment (Pilot) will now reach record-high levels :D
  10. ...pics or gtfo
  11. In constant chats with a new female 'friend' abroad. I'll put a request in for them and hopefully show you.. though it'll have to be done privately, of course ;)
  12. if you search cathay pacific sex in google images you will see the uncensored pics
  13. i am sure at the 0.59 mark of the video she says " F**king "
  14. it's the altitude that causes all their problems so they need to 'suck' in as much oxgen as possible, when they get 'disoriented' they suck on anything lol
  15. NOW that's in-flight entertainment!

    A cheeky documentary about the female orgasm is raising eyebrows among Qantas passengers. The SBS program The Female Orgasm Explained is available for viewing by all international travellers and features excerpts from old p0rn flicks, graphics and sound effects that would make conservative commuters squirm.

    Originally shown on SBS, the French film aims to assist viewers "understand the intricacies of the female orgasm" - and it seems many people are keen to learn.

    Qantas spokesman Luke Enright said the program is the most popular on its television channel The Edge and will continue to be screened until November.

    As part of the in-flight entertainment program, all passengers can access material at any time. Programs include Disney movies, music concerts, snippets from TV series and the latest film releases.

    Mr Enright said a program synopsis is provided in the in-flight entertainment guide and the channel carries a warning that some of the content is not suitable for children. It also carries an MA rating.

    He said crew are able to block content to the seat of unaccompanied minors at the request of parents. However, to block the program cautious parents must read the guide to know it exists.

    Sociologist at the University of Wollongong, Dr Michael Flood, said airing the documentary in a public domain was "fascinating but problematic".

    "I think it's great if children and young people learn about sexual pleasure because most children and only taught about the biology of sex," he said.

    "But I don't think this documentary is age appropriate and it's not designed as a sexual education tool.

    "There's a growing sexuality in our culture and perhaps it reflects how sexual material is being made increasingly available."

  16. can't remember details but on my last flight, with cathay, i think, there was either a doco. or hollywood flick with scenes i was not exactly comfortable watching in public.
  17. Know what you mean mate. Something I found 'funny' was watching a movie and hearing the 'f' words omitted..but the 'c' words were flowing freely, and in abundance !
    I think the 'f' word is the only one which triggers an 'alarm' to the video censors/editors....Had me in stitches !