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Nickers hits Australia !

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Nickers330, Jun 1, 2010.

  1. Hi gals 'n' guys. Though this isn't my first 'introductory' post, I wanted to share with you my joy in returning back to Australia, in particular back as a Melbourne resident after an absence of almost 16 yrs.

    I stumbled across Netrider whilst living abroad, and spent hour upon hour living all your posts, stories and informative suggestions vicariously, with the odd visit to Melbourne to see the family...and well, ride the GS500F, then the Gixxer750 K7 and recently the R1, of course :)
    Be it in India, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Middle East, Korea, Hong Kong..you name it - my laptop was always with me and Netrider was amongst the first websites visited as soon as power was established.

    I sincerely hope to be able to meet you all during rides, or even get-togethers and form new, solid friendships with like-minded people.

    If I wasn't so exhausted from the whole ordeal of moving home, and the lack of sleep (due total excitement to be coming home) during the overnight flight, I'd be buying drinks for everyone !

    Soon, hopefully.
    Cheers one and all and safe happy riding to you.


  2. Woohoo, welcome back!!!

    So, where abouts are you living now?

    And you can buy drinks at Friday night coffee at Southbank if you insist! ;)
  3. Thanks, the_blacke :)
    Staying with folks in Templestowe for some time, till I find my footing/decide where to set up 'camp', so I should be seeing you around the traps during the odd ride. With family members all around Melbourne, particularly at Mount Martha and Mount Eliza, I dare say I'll spend some time there also !
    I should have recovered by Friday mate, so if all's good I'll try and make an appearance.
    Hope to meet you in the near future, and thanks for the welcome mate (y)
  4. AWESOME!!! When I come to Melbs I can come meet you too!


    Go eat some Vegemite and have a BBQ :)
  5. Hahaha ! Thanks lowercase :)
    Took your advice the other night, and had room service...probably explains how I made it back home..hehe.
    Look forward to meeting you soon also...and damn, a BBQ sounds like an AWESOME idea !
  6. Yeah, BBQ's are ALWAYS awesome ideas ;)

    I hope the room service was derrricious! (at least you didn't go out and hit the town to then miss your flight :p)
  7. Welcome back to Oz my Yamaha brother :)
  8. An R1 and living in Templestowe.....

    You'll be hanging out on Lygon St in no time :p
  9. Thanks bro. Though I now own a Gixx Thou K5 also, don't you worry dude - not defecting ;)
    GREAT to be back mate ! Planning a ride to Sydney on the K5..probably around for a few days (to let my a*&% recover !). If so, we advertise and let you and others know.
    Stay cool bro.
  10. Cheers Holster..not sure about Lygon St mate ..haha. Though I hear there's usually a great turnout of bikes :)
  11. I fixed it up for you :)
  12. Of the female variety, perhaps ? ;) Cheers mate.
  13. If you want to meet the ladies come to the next girls track day :D
  14. I'll be there... in my tight tight leathers that barely zip up at the front... :D

    Welcome back bus driver...
  15. Are you insinuating that my leathers are tight? :p
  16. Not as much as mine... but you have bigger boobs...

    Let's have a boob-off at the track shall we...

    Horse power for the track
    Horse play for the pits...

  17. And you wonder why people think you're a woman!!
  18. Welcome back Nickers.

    Hope you can settle in and sort everything out nice and quick. You have two very nice bikes that need your attention...
  19. Thanks Darkhorse mate....yeah, you're not wrong. Planning on taking the Gixxer for its (my) first run tomorrow, weather pending. Started it up today (best I could do... riding gear not nearby) and whilst sitting on it, reminisced the days of the Gixxer750 K7..beaut bikes the GSXRs, as is the mighty sexy R1, of course.
    Anyone out for a run tomorrow (Wednesday) ? Hope to see you out there...probably heading up to Kinglake and surrounding areas to get 'acquainted' with the new beast.

    Thanks to all for your welcomes and good wishes...it is indeed great to be home, though it may take a while for it to sink in :)
  20. Not in Melbourne anymore unfortunately mate - back to Sydney following the show. I'll be there in a couple of weeks, but only for a few days and all work no play - and no bike anyways.

    You got a full Akra system on that Gix yet?