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Nickel and Dime British Grand Prix

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by nightgash, Jun 23, 2007.

  1. Nobody had started a thread so I thought I would start one. I think Hayden will really challenge this event! He is showing some good speed in practice. Ant West showed some good lap times in the wet but now in the dry in free practice 3 he is second last on lap times in front of Kurtis Roberts. He is only a few seconds off Pedrosa at the moment who has lapped the fastest. I'm watching the live lap times on motogp.com

  2. Well Hayden has topped the sheets in FP3. Will be interesting to see what happens in qualifying.

    Im glad the rain has dissapeared from yesterday even though Ant West has gone from 5th in FP2 to 18th in FP3. :eek: Welcome to motoGP Westy.
  3. And if the rain returns for the race it will be even more interesting :grin: .

    Just listened to the Kwaka team guy and they are very realistic about Wests expectations which is great. Even Westy himself sounds a bit better to me.

    Maybe he reads Netrider :oops: :LOL:
  4. Doesn't everyone? :LOL:

    Good to hear Kwaka aren't expecting the world from Ant to start with, would be a huge jump moving up from the 250 I would suspect.

    1. 5 EDWARDS YAMAHA FIAT 1'28"531 0.000 km/h
    2. 46 ROSSI YAMAHA FIAT 1'28"677 + 0'00"146
    3. 26 PEDROSA HONDA REPSOL 1'28"863 + 0'00"332
    4. 1 HAYDEN HONDA REPSOL 1'29"025 + 0'00"494
    5. 27 STONER DUCATI 1'29"061 + 0'00"530
    6. 21 HOPKINS SUZUKI 1'29"073 + 0'00"542
    7. 7 CHECA HONDA LCR 1'29"281 + 0'00"750
    8. 14 DE PUNIET KAWASAKI 1'29"415 + 0'00"884
    9. 33 MELANDRI HONDA GRESINI 1'29"498 + 0'00"967
    10. 24 ELIAS HONDA GRESINI 1'29"711 + 0'01"180
    11. 56 NAKANO HONDA KONICA MINOLTA 1'29"718 + 0'01"187
    12. 71 VERMEULEN SUZUKI 1'29"793 + 0'01"262
    13. 65 CAPIROSSI DUCATI 1'29"900 + 0'01"369
    14. 66 HOFMANN DUCATI PRMAC D'ANTIN 1'29"911 + 0'01"380
    15. 4 BARROS DUCATI PRMAC D'ANTIN 1'30"071 + 0'01"540
    16. 50 GUINTOLI YAMAHA TECH 3 1'30"271 + 0'01"740
    17. 13 WEST KAWASAKI 1'30"718 + 0'02"187
    18. 6 TAMADA YAMAHA TECH 3 1'30"800 + 0'02"269
    19. 80 Kurtis ROBERTS KR TEAM ROBERTS 1'31"543 + 0'03"012

    Results from Yahoo + Eurosports

    Hayden looks solid this weekend, should be a great race. Rossi loves this track and has won here on I think 4 previous occasions and I heard Casey say that its not his favourite track (very technical) but if his form this season is anything to go by he will still be up there with the front 2-3. Looking forward to seeing Hayden at the pointy end and if Hopper can continue to push for another podium, would love to see his bike get another 5 or 6 ponies :grin:
  5. WUP wet again and guess who's fastest?

    GO WESTY!!
  6. Yes indeed, Westy is a wet weather gem.

    Watching the 250's on foxtel now its still raining and there is a lot of standing water on the circuit.

    So do you think the Aussies can take all three podium places in MotoGP? Now that would be cool! :grin:
  7. screw west.. vermulen!! an aussie 1,2,3 would be frikin awesome. chris V on top, rossi 2 and west/stoner tiedfor 3rd lol.

    notice no one is saying edwards will have a chance at it.. does no one think he'll go through and take a win finally?
  8. Nope!
  9. WOW!!!!

    Check out DePuniet's umbrella girl :shock: :grin: =P~ :applause:
  10. Just flicking thru the channels.. Is the GP being shown on Sky 2 Sports channel live?

    Good race. :grin:
  11. good race,

    west looked strong early, positive signs

  12. Has there ever been an Aussie 1-2-3 in the Premier class (500s or MotoGp)?? Or in ANY class?? I can't remember one.....
  13. Great start of the race as the possies got sorted out. Excellent to see Hayden bite it. End of the race was fairly unexciting, although it was amazing to watch Stoner, the kid's a machine. I hope Rossi has the aggots to get back on track and take it right to the Kurri Kurri Kid to make this championship a fight to the death.
  14. Stoner, the Ducati, the Bridgestone tyres, and his team just all seem to be firing together in near perfect harmony. Doesn't seem to matter what is thrown his way, including widely varying conditions across race-distance as we saw, and he's still able to consistently assert his dominance in a manner that no other combination of rider/bike/tyre/team is able to do. It's quite simply the complete package at the moment.

    Probably the only person who could've beaten Stoner on the day was West, and that's because West is a wet-weather messiah. The way West was sliding his bike around through corners with precision was amazing. Once the track started to dry though, that was West's undoing, but he still put in an amazingly strong show even after his off-track excursion. Talk about showing his dirt-tracking skills there too! That would've had to be been one of the most amazing near-saves in the wet mud in recent times, the way he was flicking the bike around to get it turned before the air-fence.

    Rossi was strong, as always, but yet again it was his tyres that let him down. You could see chunks flying off the rear towards the end of the race. I'd hazard a guess that if Rossi was on Bridgestone's this year that Rossi vs Stoner would be a lot closer than it is.

    Pedrosa seems a shadow of himself this year. The metronomic robot seems to be metronomically off-beat. Always consistent, but lacking that certain something to be a genuine title threat.

    Vermuelen (does anyone else get reminded of Keith Code when they see Chris) once again demonstrates his superiority to Hoppers in the wet, but is also uniformally worse than Hoppers in the dry. If every race were wet, the title would be a 3-way battle between Stoner, Vermuelen, and West. If every race were wet, Hayden would be better off parking the bike too.

    Edwards just demonstrated his randomness.

    It was an excellent race to watch, not so much for the overtaking action and close racing that was on excellent display last race, but to give the avid spectator time to appreciate the variety in skills of different riders in different conditions across a race-span of wet to dry. It was a true test of who could adapt best across all conditions, and it allowed us an opportunity to see the full set of skills that the riders have on offer, all in 40 minutes.
  15. Don't think we've had three on competitve bikes before.

    Last night was great - seeing Ant West going through the field on his debut ride. He got up as far as fourth so may not be too far away.

    And last night no Europeans on the podium - another rare occurence :?:
  16. That was a really good race, very enjoyable to watch. The first half-ish was good with plenty of position changes. Pity about West going off though :cry: apart from that, good show by the Green Machines!
  17. Well that was a bunch of great results for the convicts.

    That very well could have been a championship claiming ride by Casey Stoner. To beat Valentino at Donnigton in the wet is no small feat. The Bridgestones were definetely the tire to be on as the track dried but I also didn't see Stoner put a wheel wrong for the whole race.

    Nicky Hayden is probably putting together the worst title defence of all time. He started to show some speed for the first time all season, and he binned it after letting the blood rush to his head. What bothered me the most was he went out to do some 'live' testing while 4 laps down and just got in everybodys way. My question is where will he end up next year?

    Vermulen agains showed his class, but he has to beat Hopper in the dry and in qualifying soon despite leading him on points.

    Colin Edwards continues to frustrate me. He shows blistering speed in qualifying, and then is no where come race day. Although he probably could have won this round had the Michelins no turned to poo.

    Did anyone catch many of the riders wearing extra knee pucks to help catch the numerous front end looses?

    Some chose the left side, some the right, some both sides.

    Well their off to Assen next week, where it will also probably rain and I have to sit on the edge of my seat and knaw the remainder of my fingernails off.
  18. you had better post a pre race report this time or your brownie supply is going to be embargoed........... :evil:
  19. ...and let that be a lesson to all guys. The moment you raise expectations with women, you better be prepared to keep them up, 'cos anything less results in disappointment.

    Far better to create an atmosphere of zero expectation. At least then when you do something it'll be appreciated, as opposed to causing disappointment when you perform even a fraction lower than the high standard that you've previously set.
  20. But still, even when performing poorly, Rossi turns up a 4th.

    Stoner is doing so well. I put it down to the Shag factor. He's married to a not unattractive woman. She's given him 2 rules for Shagnirvana.

    Rule #1. Don't crash. Broken men don't get to shag
    Rule #2. Win. Women like winners. Not losers. Not even 2nd place losers. Losing is still losing.

    I see nothing wrong with my theory and it works well. See my next example. Capirossi was a strong performer last year. He is married to an even more not unattractive woman. Last year, after his best chum and team mate tried to kill him, he was unable to shag very much. He has resolved not to crash any more. Unfortunately, they have just had a bub (that's not the unfortunate thing, bubs are lovely and soft and cute), but his very delectable partner is now very busy with baby. He's not getting sex. So, he has determined that he mustn't crash (see Rule #1), so that when Mrs Capirossi beckons him he can perform. At that point, I strongly suspect that Loris will start winning again, seeing as Rule #2 is very important.