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<nick> the newbie

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by &lt;Nick&gt;, Oct 24, 2006.

  1. Hi Everyone, I'm <nick> the newbie.

    Net rider is awesome and I've been lurking occasionally for about a year.

    I live in melbourne and I'm thinking about showing up for some of the group rides on netrider or something.

    My (short) bike history:

    I got my first bike, a black zzr250, brand new in 05 and a lady running a red light took care of that one (I wasn't injured though). Her insurance bought me a brand new one (blue 06) and I had that till I sold it just recently.

    I bought a 02 zx9r off someone on the netrider forums recently and thats all.

    I hope no one else has a confusingly similar login.


  2. Gday <nick> - 3 posts since Dec last year! Welcome to the forums and congrats on the recent purchase.
  3. err, welcome, er, back, I guess :LOL:
  4. good to see you dont rush in to things :LOL:

    welcome :grin:
  5. Gday Nick from me to another Nick welcome. I know im up in Darwin now but im sure all the Melbourne crew will make you welcome on a coffee night, i know they all did with me when i was down there.

    Cheers to everything though and hope you can meet some interesting characters like i did on the netrider site.

    Have a good one and stay safe.

    Cheers, Nick
  6. accidental post.. is there a way to delete posts.
  7. Hehe yea I signed up ages ago to use the search function, but I didn't spend that much time here then and now I do. So I guess people might think Ive been longer than I actually have :grin: . Then they look at the post count...
  8. Your location in your profile says 'Frankston' - man of mystery eh :wink:
  9. Yes you can delete post but you have to do it before someone else posts after you.

    Welcome back Dude.
  10. Yep, welcome. It is a gr8 site, full o gr8 people. Then I joined....... :shock: :grin:
  11. Hmmmmmm...... welcome kinda since you have been here a while already :grin: