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Nick from eastern suburbs

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Nick s1000r, Nov 5, 2014.

  1. hi guys and girls,

    my name is nick im new to this forum stuff. ive been away from the bike scene for about 6yrs and have only just got back into it as of last week.

    i now ride 2010 gsxr750 and wanting to meet people who love to ride and go for a blast or cruise anytime.

    cheers nick

  2. Nick from the east, welcome.

    Have u had a gixxer 600 before? Im just wondering whats your opinion on the power difference between the 600 and 750. Im starting to feel as if i need more power.
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    Hi George 7,

    Thanks for the welcome.

    I have not owned a gsxr600.... But have ridden 2 k4 gsxr 600.

    There is most differently power differnce between the 600 and 750.

    My gsxr750 pulls very hard. The rev range is super strong and I love it

    I find the 750 a great choice if you don't want a 1000.

  4. Welcome Nick, your reply to George went awry, try and edit it or re-post. You should be able to catch up with some of the other NR Melb riders. Saturday Arvo Uncle Greg's Epic ride is a good place to start. Check the Announcements Vic threads.
  5. welcome aboard nick:]
  6. Welcome to NR..
  7. Welcome nick. I have the same bike literally. Same paint scheme and all. I am also from the eastern suburbs haha and my name is also nick. Nah its ash. We should go for a ride sometime up the mountain. Come on one of the Sunday rides when they go that way
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    Thanks for the welcome lads.

    I would certenly be up for a ride up in the mountains or a Sunday blast.
  9. Did you happen to buy yours from the dealer on maroondah hwy in Ringwood. I think it's a Honda dealer?

  10. i did
  11. Ah I had thought that I had found a pretty rare colour scheme. Then a few weeks after I got mine I saw it sitting out the front there I was a bit upset there was another one haha. But very good. Small world

  12. hahaha.
    i really like the white.
    i have not seen another one in the same colour scheme yet in person.
    there are tons of blue ones out there.
  13. Yeah nah nice choice! I just put helibars on mine. Friggen love them. So much more comfy and much improved cornering. Took a few rides to get used to though lol. Enjoy IL see you out there. I'm in Croydon. I'll watch out for you around the area

  14. yeah no worries mooney. ill see you around im in ringwood but i do go thru croydon a bit every week aswell.
  15. Gday nick im nick also and in eastern burbs. I ride a gixxer 1000 get out most weekends whether it be for a couple of hours or all day rides. If you wanna meet up one day maybe pete stevens in ringwood let us know.
  16. I'd be in for a ride 2 NickNick and nick lol
  17. Hi nick,

    I'm always up for a ride weather it be short or all day.

    I live in ringwood so Peter Stevens is a good meet point.

    I'll shoot you a message next time I'm wanting to get out for a ride... And we can meet up .

  18. Sounds good man whats your ride

  19. 2010 suzuki gsxr750
  20. Cool i was looking at the new 750 a few months ago before getting the 1000. I had to drop mine back at p. Steves on weekend for a recall they reckon rear chain adjuster could be faulty.