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Nick does the nasho!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by nickt, Sep 8, 2007.

  1. A bit bored this afternoon and itching to ride.. I asked a friend if he wanted to go for a ride (I only got my L's 2-3 weeks ago so i've never ridden with anyone else / much beyond commuting to work).

    He suggested national park so off we went.. two minutes into it I said i'd never filtered through traffic at the lights so he wanted to show me how its done.. and BANG he dropped his bike. >_< I think he hit one of those reflector things in the middle of the lane. He had some (not sure what they're called) things sticking out of his fairings to protect his bike, so nothing cracked, his brake lever was a little bent but otherwise everything seemed OK.

    Sooo, we headed to the national park. My friend said he'd meet me there (I have a speed limit that i'm sticking to ;-).. and we were on our way. It was a little scary with so many tight corners, but I made it through without any problems. We saw a deer crossing the road, I'm glad that thing didn't jump out in front of me :)

    With a sore butt, back and frozen fingers, we finally made it to Stanwell Tops and enjoyed the view. (I hope I get used to that, or do I need new gloves?)

    We came home via the freeway, which was annoying because I'm still limited to 80 when everyone is doing 110+km/h. Luckily everyone overtook me quickly instead of tailgating me. My clutch control is getting so much better, no stalling, and i've figured out how to get the bike to let me change gears when it doesn't work (let the clutch out slightly but not al the way or it'll stall).

    I found out later on when I got home that when I lost sight of my friend in traffic his bike engine management software had crashed and he had to get towed home :( which was pretty sad.. i guess that drop did cause a problem.

    All in all, very tiring but fun day! and that was just a Saturday.. who knows what a Sunday will bring :grin:
  2. :LOL: at your friend, hope he got his bike sorted :) Did you keep going past Bald Hill? The north section is pretty great too...but well done, a lot of riders come unstuck getting a little too keen in the Nasho; deer avoidance is another good point :shock: where did you see it?
  3. Good work Nick, i was up that way last weekend and did the Nasho for my first time. Nice peice of road along there. Cant beat that view ethier :grin:
  4. Hmmm where's bald hill? my route is mapped out here http://tinyurl.com/29drtu :)

    The deer was around the Lilyvale area, where we were coming back up through to Stanwell Tops.

    I was taking it easy, way too scared on some of those corners to go very fast at all :) my speed kept me alive, I took it easy. fun fun fun.
  5. Bald Hill is the lookout at Stanwell Tops! Top view, must be the best place in the world to stop for a breather after the twisties on the way down. I'd thought you rode up rather than down, seeing the Wollongong under your name...missed Chatswood entirely :LOL:

    Yeah, it's definitely a ride you can enjoy at any pace, I remember my first time through -really- well...first time in any kind of twisties, had seen three crashed bikes by 10 minutes outside Audley, and they'd just resurfaced so lots of loose gravel...can you say tightly clenched? :rofl:
  6. Ahhh OK! yeah I met my friend in Redfern from Chatswood and we rode from there - I'm not game enough to ride down to Wollongong solo yet, but getting to Stanwell via the national park was basically the same distance, so I shouldn't have a problem doing it :D

    It's a great view, i've driven there from wollongong many a time, in highschool we used to have 'stanwell runs' where we'd just go up there on a random friday/saturday night and then drive home for no apparent reason ;-)

    I saw some moss on the road I was very careful over.. not many bikes at the time we went (~4pm) so yeah.. it was interesting.

    OH! I forgot one detail. While going past the airport under that small tunnel that goes under the runway, a dirt bike came up next to me, I looked over and nodded, he nodded back, then he moved forward to my escort and nodded to him.. it took me a few seconds to realise their backpacks said "POLICE"... :shock: it seems with APEC they have cops on dirt bikes with blue dirtbike helmets?! it was bizzare! I guess him sneaking up on me and riding next to me was to check my speed.. glad I stick to the speed limit! :grin:
  7. lol yeah i have a bit of bush out the back of my place which dirt bike riders like to use, so we see the cops on the dirt bikes all the time

    its weird hearing people who have never seen them before
  8. Sounds like your friend was showing off instead of trying to help you learn.. Glad you had fun though.
  9. Thanks ;-) it did seem like that, just glad he's OK and the rest of the day went OK :)

    BTW.. if thats you who recorded the videos in your sig.. you have the same AGV helmet as me :grin: I need to come along to a learner ride :)
  10. Yeah thats me, and about 50% of us newbies have that agv helmet :D

    See you at one of the meets.
  11. mate you reckon the nashos good get your arse up the old pac. heaps better surface and visibility, signposting, no farking deer.

    the cops have had the traily's for a while. they sometimes patrol THROUGH uni. they are just another part of hwy patrol from what my mate told me. DRZ 400's, so they got a bit of stink up em. you got a nod from a copper? your doing well, its only happened to me once (when i was doing something i shouldnt have been :eek: :LOL: ) yesterday when i was driving across the bridge on dusk, i drove past about 20 bike coppers parked near the southern toll booths. jeez i would have loved to see someone scream past on their back wheel to see their reaction :LOL:

    to anyone interested, ill be doing my usual sunday arvo run up the old pac, going through berowra at about 330. weather permittting, shack us a pm if ya interested.
  12. ? :shock: :grin:

    um, how fast?