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Nice wakeup call this morning

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by bragi0, Mar 31, 2006.

  1. One of the guys at my work said riding along king street newtown was faster than the route i was taking to work (along harris/botany/mcevoy/ED). I decided to give it a go this morning.... not only was he wrong (to the tune of 25 minutes), but I gave myself a bit of a fright.

    There's a sharp left hand corner under a railway bridge that opens up into a larger righthander uphill on Pyrmont Bridge Rd. I overcooked it a bit... came in maybe 5km/h too fast for comfort. Back end stepped out on me as I went over a really rough patch (that's got nice smooth tar patches poured all over it).

    Sure as heck woke me up!

    Oh well, a couple of lessons re-learned.

    1) don't ride unless you're 100% awake
    2) always take it nice and easy when you're close to home/work because you're familiar with the area and tend to go faster than you should.

  2. What's your suspension set like? The rear might be a little too hard by the sounds of it, especially if you were only going 5km past your 'comfort' speed
  3. It's on my list of stuff to look at this weekend.

    By "comfort" I mean able to make it around the corner without having a heart attack. "relaxed" would be don't have to make effort :)

    Ah definitions, such tricky things :)
  4. braig0,

    I'm guessing you were headed to Glebe Point Road? Would South on Harris, right on to Broadway, left onto City Road be quicker? I'm not sure if that is any help, just thinking out loud....
  5. I was going Pyrmont Bridge Rd -> Missenden -> King St (to avoid the traffic on Broadway). I'll be avoiding King St like the plague in the mornings now. It was just horrible!

    Thanks :)
  6. Bugger traffic. I have 300m drivway then 22km open road. On an average trip each morning I pull on the breaks at the driveway and at the carpark at work. I can do it 3/4 asleep! :grin:
  7. Damn I wish I had that luxury.... but then again, I do get to live in the middle of the city. I think a new motorbike overpass needs to be built from Pyrmont to slightly southern sydney :)
  8. Yeah, but it is Sale! Spent about 1.5 years there(guess where-I move around every few years) - more than enough time spent there for me.