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nice story.... and question for you...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by carri27, May 20, 2008.

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    Biker Dude At the Grocery Store--posted by ppiemomma on May 8, 2008

    "The other day I was shopping with my four-year-old son, Jacob. We had been in the store quite a while, so his patience was already wearing thin when I mentioned that I had forgotten to get soup.

    As I turned the cart around and headed down the soup aisle we saw the biggest, baldest, most bewildered looking biker dude staring at the cans. I thought he might be threatening them to jump into his basket! Like most children his age, Jacob is still learning to not shout out his observations about people in public. As we approached the man, Jacob yelled, "He rides a motorcycle, I bet! Do you think he looks mean?"

    I was mortified, but the biker smiled and won Jacob over with a high five. The biker sheepishly asked if I could help him out. There was a single mom with small children who lived next door to him and she had just lost her job. He was looking to buy groceries for her family and, since he had no children, he had no clue what little kids liked. He didn't want her to know where the groceries were coming from, so he hadn't asked her any questions.

    I have to admit, walking around the grocery store for half an hour with a big, bad, biker dude taking orders from a four-year-old about what to buy was a blast. The best part happened when we went out to the parking lot. Once again, in a typically innocent way, Jacob yelled out his observation to the biker, "You really rock!" I could see the biker blush from three cars down!"

    i always think it's funny the assumptions people make based on external appearances. most riders i've met here are a pretty gentle-hearted, daggy and a somewhat geeky lot, even those that look like 'big bad biker dudes'.

    personally, while i normally get perfectly friendly smiles from people in the street, it seems to me that i get less warm reactions when i'm in leathers and carrying my helmet.

    once i borrowed a very gay looking sunhat from a lesbian friend of mine and got quite a few sideways glances and disapproving looks. i also get a very different reaction from the world now that i'm 8 months pregnant and the size of a house. i get friendly 'knowing' smiles from women and am invisible to most men.

    do you get different reactions from people based on what you're wearing?

  2. I find that if i throw on a beanie on a cold day people treat me like im some sort of thug that is about to rob them. That’s in massive contrast to the way im treated when im wearing my suit to and from work - people seem to be much nicer if i fit into their perceptions of what a decent person should dress like...

    I don’t care though i'll wear whatever i feel like wearing.
  3. I'm keen to get a cruiser and wear a ultra bright jap style helmet, just to confuse people :LOL:

    It could be my imagination but when I wear my leather jacket I seem to have more people getting angry at my lanesplitting past them..
  4. Most times when I've worn riding gear into a shop I've usually ended up being shadowed by store security (who are not as subtle as they might think they are). Worst instance was in a Kmart when after scanning all my items the checkout chick actually asked if I "had any items in my jacket I might have forgotten to put through" :shock:. After a few choice words I left the items on the register and walked out.
  5. Well being a bald guy with a goatee and a lack of care in my dress sense (yes sometimes I could fit in on the set of Romper Stomper) and a habit of frowning when I think (not often I know :p ), I was surprised when I mentioned I was going to get my bike licence, most people thought I already rode a Harley :LOL:

    Also have been walking and seen the way people look at me, especially older people, they are very cautious, and then you give them a smile and nod and suddenly they relax and will even chat to me.
  6. Try walking into a court..... :p (in leathers)

    An acquaintance of mine worked out of Prahran Court in Melb.
    Her favourite story was of the cute young thing who rolled into the Lawyers / Police parking area on Monday morning on a bike. She was very rudely told words to the effect that "bikies were not to park here" by a very young very green member of the Plod.

    She smiled flashed her Parking Permit at him and left the bike where it was.
    Imagine young Const Plods face when the same young lady appeared in a business suit in court, as a defence barrister, and proceeded to call Const Plod as a witness..... :twisted:

    I'm told his steaming entrails were left dripping all over the witness box....

    Personally, living in a small (ish) community I like the expressions I get when a client sees me on a Sat morning at coffee in leathers surrounded by "scruffy bikies". :p

    It was even funnier when a client (a local businessman) turned up at coffee!
  7. I made the mistake in 1992 of flying into the US and arriving in LA wearing my black brando motorbike jacket. The effect of that combined with very long hair guaranteed me some extra special treatment from LA customs and immigration officials :shock: thankfully they stopped short of an internal cavity search, for which I was eternally grateful. I've chosen my attire more carefully for every US trip since :LOL: If you've seen Border Security, well I got much the same sort of closed room grilling about the purpose of my visit...
  8. all of which could have been avoided if you simply said, "i ride a yamaha FFS!" :p :p
  9. :-w :-w :-w :LOL:
  10. I get this a lot. Usually younger security guards. 6'4, wearing (textile) armour, he MUST be about to start some shit! *rolls eyes*

    Actually, to entertain myself after I'd finished inspecting steel fabrication work in Townsville (nearly a weekly trip from Mackay), I'd alternate the shirt I wore around the hotel. Steelcap site boots, site jeans, and either the site highvis heavy-cotton shirt or a black smart-casual button-up shirt.

    Staff would treat me with the bare minimum of respect they're allowed to when wore the site shirt; changing just one item of clothing would have the hotel staff falling over each to greet me and to be of assistance. Hotel guests, too, would be much friendlier.

    And I'm sure we all have friends or family members who've been turned away from luxury car dealerships because they've turned up in casual attire. :)
  11. Ware a suite and your beanie… That will really screw with there heads
  12. that spelling screwed with my head! :p :p
  13. I do remember being rather embarassed when taken to hospital after torpedoing a bus with my C90. 6'2", crewe cut, hedge beard, well worn leathers and the best body I've ever had, then having to admit to several attractive nurses that I'd just nearly killed myself on a jumped up moped. Instant credibility failure. :LOL:
  14. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Love it - she's my idol!!!!

    Yes - looking like a little girl can certianly be painful when you constantly get the world's biggest f^^kwits telling how everything should be done. I need to start carrying around a camera when they finally pause to draw breath and ask me what I do for a living.
  15. It is amusing the perception people have.......I was smiling to myself the other week over this very thing up at Gingers Creek.
    Go back 20 years....you're driving down a road with the family and decide to call into a cafe for a break. As you pull up you notice a large number of bikes in the lot, whats the first thing 'mum' would usually say....??
    "Lets keep going dear, that looks rough,"........... :shock:
    A large percentage of those family cars are nowadays driven by dads a lot younger than the majority of bike pilots at Gingers and the perception of 'Hoon' still lingers........that label being applied to businessmen, real estate agents, solicitors and teachers that straddle some machinery up there worth more than the guys car/caravan/house put together....and a nicer bunch of people you wouldnt meet.
    Ok!...there are some exceptions.. :p
  16. Same with me, but I'm very adamate about not dissapointing people , so I actually do rob em. :)
  17. My youngest son used to look at bikers with a bit of awe and trepidation, that was of course untill I got a bike. Now they are not quite as intimidating as they were before. :oops: :grin: :LOL:
  18. I have a similar story.

    I flew into Auckland for work many years ago. It was an emergency trip to sort out major issues (Melissa Virus anyone) that hit our New Zealand office. I had letters from our CEO, Business cards etc and... a old army canvas duffle bag.

    As soon as NZ customs saw that bag I had the whole treatment. No cavity search, but they swabbed everything I owned for drugs. I was freaking out as I purchased the bag 2nd hand at a disposal store and had no idea was might have been on it.

    These days when I travel for work I dress smart casual, preferably with the company logo on my shirt (big computer company). I pack a small, clean bag with company tags all over it. I never get looked at, infact most times customs let me jump the queue and get straight out. (which is always appreciated after a long overnight flight!)

    Dont get me wrong, you watch that border security stuff and you can see the kind of morons these people deal with. My hat goes off to them. I just dont want to be associated as one of those morons ;)
  19. It may not have been the bag that tripped the attention detectors on that. It may have been the late ticket purchase.
    I have a friend who does a lot of hopping around the US, and he gets undue attention quite often. The reasons are simple, One way ticket no luggage. Now he is always in business suites but those two factors apparently are like a red rag to a bull when it comes to getting extra attention.
    The other thing is where you have been, he has been all over South America & South east Asia, and that on your passport also gets alarm bells ringing.
    So when it comes to customs I think that there are other more influential factors than how you look that get there attention.
  20. my girlfriend is considerably more fashionable than i am.

    hence she gets odd looks 'wearing' me around town.

    i just smile and intimate sexual prowess.

    aaanndd... on the odd occasions i've been down to Phillip Island it always make the burger bar girls start when they hear a strong northern english accent emanate from an identi-kit aussie biker.