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Nice roads around Daylesford ?

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by james lee, Jan 10, 2009.

  1. Hey all.

    Probably a bit late to be asking this but The wife and i are going for ride to Daylesford tomorrow to celebrate our anniversary.

    Since i have never been there i though i'd ask here for some nice roads to ride, to and around the area.

    We'll be traveling from Williamstown and will be staying overnight so there'll be plenty of time for riding.

  2. Go to the roundabout in the centre of town and pick a direction - you can't go wrong.
    For a long loop head south to Ballan, turn off onto the Western Highway and head towards Melbourne for about 15km. Turn off the highway and head through Greendale, then turn off on Trentham Falls road and head back into Daylesford. If you're travelling up from Williamstown consider heading North from Bacchus Marsh and going past Hanging Rock into Woodend. You can then head into Daylesford via Tylden and the Trentham Falls Road.

    Taking the road from Daylesford towards Ballarat as far as the Swiss Mountain Hotel is good for a short trip (or several). The Old Ballarat Road which starts at the lake is also good but only has a very narrow sealed surface (so be very careful of oncoming traffic). I also like the road out through Hepburn Springs although there's some seriously bad potholes in places (possible they may have fixed it but I doubt it). Even the highway to Castlemaine is interesting enough to be worth doing if you have time to kill.
  3. Thanks JD that sounds awesome! we are actually staying at a B&B in Hepburn Springs so thanks for the heads up with the potholes! sounds like some good roads. I'll be sure to check out as many as possible.

  4. We did the road from Daylesford to Maldon via Newstead. We thought that was a nice trip and the road wasn't too bad. :grin:

    The road just outside of Daylesford to Ballarat is fun provided there isn't too much traffic.