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Nice rides in Sydney?

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by jslim1008, Jun 1, 2016.

  1. Hi guys! Don't know if this is the right thread.
    Any good rides around Sydney? Like place with nice views. I wanted to catch a sunset after Royal National Park drive. But I couldn't find a good place for sunset in that area.
    Any suggestions would be welcome also other nice drives of course that are pretty close to sydney..

  2. Bald Hill reserve

    Hawkesbury lookout

    Warragamba Dam lookout

    Berowra - Old Pac - Peats Ridge - Wisemans Ferry via Spencers - Windsor via Pitt Town.
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  3. Sublime Point, good cafe and an amazing view over The Illawarra
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  4. Was going t mention west head, good call Andrew WestAndrew West, also if you head out towards Maroota/Maraylya there are many little nice back roads around Scheyville etc that can easily burn up an hour or two of exploration.
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  5. Problem with West Head is they make you pay. Its pretty expensive for 10ks of road.
  6. get there before 8am I think it is and after 4pm ;)
  7. I heard that works for Bobbin Head as well
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  8. Bell's Line up to Katoomba for Three Sisters lookout.
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  9. OMG Thiis place looks amazing! How come I've never heard of these places when it is like there in Sydney!
    And damn, West Head looks good.

    WOW so close, ill definitiely visit these.

    Thanks guys
  10. George, can you maybe screenshot me the route for Old Pac route? I'm noob to OldPac rides XD
  11. Pssst GeorgeOGeorgeO on the route you posted you've jump back on the M1 after Kangaroo point (bloody google maps lol). See if this is what you wanted.

    Google Maps
  12. Correcto. Thats what happens if you're doing 5 things at once and quickly mapping things !
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  13. Thanks George and Andrew!
  14. Anvil Rock and Perry's Lookdown , off Hat Hill Road , Blackheath , Blue Mts. Good sunsets.
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  15. Hassans Walls lookout , off the road between Hartley and Lithgow , has great views towards the Blue Mts. Good sunsets too.
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  16. Penrith to Bulli pass via Appin is good. then seacliff bridge, bundeena, then back to penrith via Heathcote road... about 230 k's. about to leave on that ride now..
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