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nice ride on Sunday !!

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by BRD007, Jul 9, 2007.

  1. Hi,

    I woke up Sunday morning and had the urge to take the bike out for a ride.

    Well I got on the bike and just went exploring the roads in NSW. I couldn't ride along all the roads because of the misfortunate rain which began after 12:00pm.

    I took Heathcoat road and kept riding until I reached the princess high way, went a bit on the princess then doubled back to go on Heathcoat again. Decided to turn left on new illuwarra road (I Think). After going for a bit I decided to double back again and just head back towards Liverpool.

    When I got to Liverpool I didn’t want to go home so I chose to go on Cambelltown rd and just cruise it towards Cambelltown. When I got to Cambelltown I wasn’t satisfied so I headed towards Manangal Rd. Manangal Rd is pretty good and has some nice scenery.

    Took a couple of pictures and I'd thought I'd share.

    After all that I got stuck in the rain and returned home drenched in water.







  2. nice pics of the bike champ, but you might want to edit your post to 3 images in each post, in accordence to rules and regs
  3. So your enjoying your new toy then :cool: .
    Sound like fun I miust try this one, by getting out of bed and saying I'm out of here see ya later kids , ummm wonder what hubby would have to say.
    Great pics, location?

    Cheers Lou
  4. srry bout that.:)
  5. The pics were taken down on Manangal round about 20 min in from Cambelltown.
  6. Wow i forgot how hot those GT250's look... very nice :grin:
  7. nice pics like ya bike lookin at gettin one. how is it???
  8. Its a nice ride. Ive done about 750 kms so far, only had it for a week.

    Definately turns heads though.

  9. wow it looks like CBR
  10. Awesome stuff, I was planning on a ride on sunday but lazed around and the rain beat me to it,

    Nice shots.

  11. Nice pics.. You can attach links to your other pics.. Just can actually put the pics up.. :grin:
  12. Nice country out there brd...used to live in Camden....maybe one day i`ll get down there and ride around that area...nice pics n nice bike...now i`m homesick :(
  13. VERY nice colour bike :wink:
  14. Yeah, one of the upsides to living in Campbelltown - there's a great supply of country roads nearby. I regularly ride around Menangle, Camden, Picton etc.

    Here's a route I recommend if you're just out for a quick squirt:
    From Campbelltown head out Appin Road, go straight ahead at Appin and head down the gully and over the weir. Turn right at Douglas Park road and follow that till you get to the sign pointing to Menangle. Turn right there and follow that to Menangle. Turn right at Menangle and head back to Campbelltown.

    Some nice scenery and there's a pretty amazing bridge where the M5 goes over the river. Doesn't take long - like to do it in my lunch break!

  15. I might hire a bike when i`m down there in Oct and do that trip