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Nice Policeman

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Churro Monster, Mar 14, 2006.

  1. One interesting part of the Batemans Bay Girls ride was the nice Cop in town when we were leaving. He came up and was very happy to see 5 girls on nice bikes having fun. He was actually dressed in civvies, but introduced himself as the local motorcycle cop in town, his words were " Hi, Im off duty today and the rest of the boys are busy at Narooma with a house being moved across the bridge so, wer'e not on patrol today, also, we dont have any unmarked police cars here either. Have a good ride girls, just watch the gravel from the roadworks! " I nearly fainted. In my entire life, no one has ever forewarned me that the coast is clear to have fun. The road we were going on is "the Kings" highway and its incredible. Big sweeepers with about 15 kms of Arthurs Seat style stuff thrown in. A few of the more suspicious ones amongst us thought it was a trap, but , no, it wasnt. He told us he rides sports bikes on that road whenever hes off duty. Top bloke! Only visitor I had on that road was a roo going about his business.

  2. Its nice to see some things don't change. In 1999 we did our first Ducati Turismo (a rolling rally) and stopped at Batemans Bay on our first night. The cops came to the organised dinner and handed out maps with all the roadworks and suspect areas marked including areas where we might encounter gravel. Then they announced that they really didn't care what we did, as long as we didn't break the restrictions in built up areas and were careful - but told us to go and have fun. :grin: We did. It certainly was a marked change to the next year when the police were less than understanding with us to the point of calling in reinforcements and organising a road block :shock:

    Good to see you had fun.
  3. OMG.

    Now I've heard it all!

    That sort of thing brings a tear to the eye, and restores a little faith in human kind, etc...
  4. So you met Bateman's Bay Bertie???

    A few things you need to know. a) he's not a cop, and b) this routine gets him laid about 50% of the time

    Usually, he offers to show you his truncheon. If he didn't, it means that his wife is expecting him home soon and he's just practising.

    Glad you had a good time.
  5. *laughing hard enough to squeeze tears out*
  6. well i think it was a pick up line,well thats my thoughts.
  7. From memory, it was the same for the HRCA rally a few years ago. We had a police escort around town, had 'fun' on the local roads and all because one of the local cops was a HRCA member.
  8. Ahhhhh Mark...

    Thanks for the roffles.
  9. I'm pretty sure he would have done what any guy would have done when he saw 5 chics on a bike...

    Regardless of if he was a cop or not! :p

    Eitherway... sounds good!
  10. Mark, youre naughty!! Cliff, funny you say that , he was wearing a HRC shirt.
  11. yup i know most guys would do that lol
    we men.... soo easy to please lol
    :LOL: :wink:
  12. The road from Batemans Bay to Canberra is indeed Kings highway. The road from Batemans bay to Braidwood is excellent. The mountain is Brown's mountain, and has killed more than a few, mainly in holiday times(impatience, agression, usual holiday story). The road is great on weekdays and non holiday periods, but becomes quite congested on long weekends or school holidays.
    The road from Batemans bay to Moruya is also very good (princes hwy).
    The local cops are good along teh coast, no doubt.
    BUT! The highway patrol loves the area, especially in holdiays (double demerits) and are usually out in great force. You will also get federal police on Kings highway closer you get to Canberra, and they have no sense of humour at all. However, they drive flourescent cars, so easy to spot.
    There is also an unmarked highway patrol car that lives down that way. I'd have to talk to teh inlaws for the latest make/model. Highway patrol usually don't talk to local police too much, so wouldn't know they are there.
    I'm moving down there in 12 months, can't wait! Motorcycle (and good car) heaven.

    Regards, Andrew.