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Nice places on the Great Ocean Road and what to do in Melb

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Stueh, May 14, 2009.

  1. Righto, so!

    The girlfriend and I are planning to go on a week long trip around July, and have decided on a sort of basic plan.

    We'll be driving. Before you ask about the bike, I'm on my L's :p

    I've done a lot of travelling, backpacking mostly, and it's a bit different to what we'll be doing. My backpacking was, quite literally, catch a plane somewhere, then work it out as I go along until I'm low on money. This will actually be planned.

    So, we'll be going to Melbourne, via the GOR. The idea is, leave Adelaide, trvael some of the GOR, take a day or two in a town somewhere between, either in a backpackers or camping in a tent, then go to Melbourne, stay in a backpackers there a couple of nights, do stuff in Melb, then drive up to a small town called Rushworth to see a friend for a couple of days before going home.

    Now, I've never been on the GOR, and in my travels, I tend to shy away from main cities, so I've only ever been to Melbourne twice. Once was for about 6 hours when I drove in with the girlfriend from Bacchus Marsh during the Avalon Airshow to go to Lygon St. (sp?). The other time, the only time I left the appartment we were staying in, I was drunk. So don't remember much.

    So, can anyone suggest which town to stay in along the GOR, and maybe even a good backpackers / camping ground there, as well as recommend things to do and see while there?

    And, the same with Melbourne. Would anyone know a good backpackers (preff. with carparking), and what exactly is there to do in Melbourne?

    Can't wait to hear ideas :)
  2. Stay at Apollo Bay
  3. Dunno about the backpackers, but go to Warrnambool, then turn onto the great Ocean Road at Allansford. Takes you through Port Campbell etc, very nice ride!

    Probably acceptable in the car too, dunno... There are some nice places to stay in Apollo Bay or Lorne, or you could keep going up to Torquay, probably more expensive up that way though.

    There is an air walk called the Otway Fly, never been but I've heard good things, must get there one day. http://www.otwayfly.com/

    That website has a few other things you might like to do also.

    Have fun, it's a really nice area, don't be too worried about the signs that say "Drive on Left in Australia" (that only start half way through, wtf?), but I hear there's all sorts of insane motorcyclist through that area!

    Go mid week if you can too.
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  5. I'm so out of the backpacker loop that I'll leave accommodation to someone else, but...
    You DO need to go via Port Campbell, the Twelve Apostles and Loch Ard Gorge. You SHOULD (probably) stay at Apollo Bay although there's a nice place at Lavers Hill (or used to be). Lorne is hugely overpriced. Stop and take a walk in the rain forest.

    Melbourne? Food and football. Definitely get to a game at the 'G, even if you don't follow. There are better locales for food than Lygon street (Brunswick street, Victoria street, Bridge Road...)

    On the way home, stop over at Gariwerd (The Grampians) - Halls Gap maybe.
  6. Thanks for that guys.

    My girlfriend (her name is Nomi :p) says hi and thank you!

    Anyhoo. The basic plan so far is 7 days and 6 nights.

    We'll leave Adelaide and stop at Lavers Hill. Spend the night there, get drunk at the local pub or something. We're planning to camp the night there, but might just go with a backpackers. Can't find a camping ground.

    The next day we'll make our way to Apollo Bay via the Otway Fly, doing the full hour long walk.

    We'll spend the night in a backpackers dorm there.

    Next day will be to Melbourne via the Twelve Apostles (even though there are only nine, learnm something new every day) and Loch Ard Gorge.

    We've planned to stay at a backpackers in Melbourne called Hotel Discovery. I talked to a couple of mates of mine who're now back in Ireland, and they both recommended it. Looks good too.

    We'll spend two nights, the first in a dorm, but the second in a double room (she wants to spend that $30 I dearly want to save for some "cuddles". I GUESS I can afford it.)

    No idea what we'll do when we're in Melbourne, but we'll work it out when we get there! :)

    After the second night, we'll spend the day in Melbourne, then drive up to Rushworth, near Shepparton, that night to stay a couple of nights with a mate who now lives there (he works for Golbourne Water. At least he gets paid well for living in the middle of nowhere?).

    After that, drive back to Adelaide.

    So, any suggestions or additions? The girlfriend isn't TOO helpful, she basically keeps saying that as long as she's going away with me, it doesn't matter what we do. Although, she did push for Otway, even though she's deathly scared of heights XD