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Nice People...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Fenner, May 7, 2011.

  1. Was on the way home from my ride home tonight, and brining up the rear (only two of us). A bloke in a huge mini-van was going to change lanes in between our two bikes. He put his indicator on, started to move, then changed his mind. He then switched his indicator off, hung back a little, then indicated again and pulled over after I had gone past. This driver obviously realised that the two of us were travelling together, and did a nice thing. He didn't have to - there was enough room to do pull in safely (I had already dropped back, as I had a little concern about someone on a side street looking like they were going to turn onto the road into me, and also prepped for braking when I saw his indicator). Obviously there are still some people out there who don't believe that motorcyclists need to be taken out.

    So, has anyone done anything nice for you on the road recently?

  2. Don't be fooled. He is most likely a rider also, you just happened to catch him in a mini-van. People who ride are generally better drivers as a result and more courteous to bikes.

    Riding made me a better driver, I also would move out of the way for bikes in traffic so that they could filter past comfortably. I used to get waves but not anymore. Oh no - here comes another nod thread.. HAHA.
  3. i hit the electric fold mirror button :D
  4. What nonsense; to suggest that ONLY someone who rides has the traffic awareness to respond to a two-wheeled vehicle utterly unsustainable.....
  5. He didn't say ONLY he said most likely. I reckon that's probably the case also.
  6. 90% of the time when filtering, a lot of the people will help by moving across for me, and do other considerate things like pulling over in galston gorge for me to pass, or won't pull in between two motorcycles etc.

    just yesterday driving with my bro (well, he was driving), i didn't even notice the motorcyclist behind us (hehe blocked ears will do that to ya! get em cleaned out, people!) but he pulled over awkwardly, with 8 cars in front of us at the lights, and bam! motorcyclist passing on our right, gets to the front of the lights. thanks bro! :D

    he's been trained well and always helps out bikes!
  7. That's right, I said most likely. People who havn't ridden or known anyone who rides, in gereral seem to be less alert and aware of what is going on around them. That is not to suggest that everyone drives bad. But most people would agree that riding teaches you to be more aware of whats going on around you. A large number of people who only drive and have no exposure to bikes drive in auto pilot. Afterall there is a whole section dedicated to this "Near Misses". The underlying common denominator in most of these threads involves a driver who was oblivious to the bike in questions existance, for one reason or another.

    I am not trying to have a crack at drivers, I drive 600km per week my self. But if we took a cross section of 1000 drivers and 1000 driver/riders, and tested their attention to detail and their surroundings my money would land on the driver/riders being more aware.

    In a car if you are not aware and alert and things go bad it will mostly result in an insurance claim and some inconvenience. On a bike the stakes are higher and a small mistake could result in numerous injuries, hospital time and potentially death.

    No offence intended to anyone. I simply noticed that when I was 20 and started riding, my attention and awareness while driving had significantly improved.
  8. all points taken BB :wink:

    I just think that lots of riders, many with the Netrider Persecution Complex, think (and say) that only riders know what they are doing on the road, which plainly can't be the case.....
  9. Well, I couldn't say whether or not the random nice person rides in his spare time, or not. But if he does - good on him for not giving up his hobby after the kids came along!

    I just thought it was a good thing that someone did - after all, he doesn't have to by law. And it proves he was paying attention to what was going on around him, too! If only there was some way you can thank people for their better actions on the road. God knows I'm sick of b*tching about those who can't even stay on the correct side of the road!

    And lowercase - make sure you thank your brother!
  10. Oh I told him how good it was, don't worry! He got a huge thanks :) He loves motorcyclists, and always helps them out where he can.