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nice one. busted my key off in the petrol tank lock

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by slyfox, Oct 4, 2005.

  1. hmmmm, just finished putting in some fuel, tried to lock the fuel tank with my key and busted off the end :facepalm: the remainder of the key is broken off flush inside the key-hole, how do i get around this?

    lock smith?
    kawasaki dealer?
    please dont tell me i need to go to a wrecker and get an entire now key lock assembly thing :(

    ..i'm hoping locksmiths have some super magnet that can pull key bits from locks that i've never heard of, tell me super magnets exist..please :oops:

    only good thing was that i forsaw this happening (or just losing my keys) so i had a spare key in my jacket so i could get home \:D/
  2. yeah your key always was pretty dodge...

    id hope a locksmith would help you out there?
  3. hahahaha..... thats the funniest post i have read all day. As soon as i saw the head i burst into laughter. :LOL: :LOL:

    As for getting the key out sorry can't help you :( but damn thats funny........... :LOL:
  4. i know! it was actually a copy i had made because the original was so flimsy, turns out the copies are no better, though it is partly the lock mechanisms fault, it's hard to turn.. i really should of WD40'd it some time ago :roll:
  5. try calling a locksmith and asking what they think. worst comes to worst, its a crap lock anyway :p
  6. I believe a lock smith can quite easily fix this for you. It's a pity you don't live near Wollongong because my neighbour has been a locksmith all his life and does all my lock smithing needs for free :D.

    He is like the head guy at a local major locksmith service. He brings the van home with him every afternoon and even has a key cutter in the back of it.

  7. hey slyfox, mine use to do that for awhile, but now opens more freely. i was afraid of mine snapping too :D i couldnt get mine open once and almost ran out of fuel :D
  8. well it gets funnier if you find amusement in the suffering of others :D i woke up today with a gorgeous looking coldsore, and i actually ran out of fuel testing the zzr's range, so i had just pushed it to the servo (hard hot work i must say) from 2 kilometers away :p i now how to spend the rest of the day working on a 3500 word essay :shock: woeeee is meeeee :| :p

    thanks for the advice N1GH7-R1D3R i'll give one a call right after lunch
  9. if the barrel is a bit sticky, and it's hard to turn the key, put some fine shavings from a grey-lead pencil in there (no bits of wood!!) - lubricates the inside of the lock... a great trick...
  10. Sheeeeeeeyit.

    Good luck pardner, that's a biatch.

    IF there's no such thing as a "super magnet" I think we should invent one. It sounds cool. That and a chick magnet.
  11. Can you fit any sewing pins alongside the key and then try and pull it out with some pliers?
  12. That's a great idea. I never thought of that. I used to graphite/carbon dip/soak my skate board bearing and wheel/steering head/crank bearings on my pushy. Works and treat and MAN do they spin well.
  13. sorry mate, i really wish you best of luck getting it fixed it was just the was the worded the heading... damn you have had one of those days...... ](*,)

    gotta ask the question before someone else does if you knew the lock was tight, why not try to fix it before it got to this point..... oh damn still laughing over this, if it helps you are quite a story teller :LOL:
  14. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: Sorry, but that's funny. If the key used to go in and out of the lock without much trouble then it's sometimes possible to superglue the key head to the rest of the key and pull it out that way. Just be extremely careful not to get any glue between the key and the lock assembly or it will only make things worse.
  15. ..at least you had the spare in your pocket.....
    WD-40 down the barrel when you get the rest of the key out.....
  16. DO NOT use WD40 in any type of lock barrel.

    The oil traps dust and dirt and speeds up the wear rate.

    Spend $5 and buy a puffer bottle of graphite, its the only thing that you should ever use in a lcok.
  17. the journey begins :D i shall soon return with tales of large expense and little reward, stay tuned for more news from my day of misfortune \:D/ :p

    at least i can still cruise around though, that's the main thing.. that and lunch was tasty :biker:
  18. Did this once with an Abus Granite(!) chain whilst it was chained to the bike :shock:

    Luckily it was only through the rear wheel at the time so I could remove the wheel and go play with it in my workshop. Took flipping ages, in the end I filed down a pair of long nose pliers so I could manouever the broken key out. It was a delicate operation, not unlike that game of the same name (at least this is what I tried to convince myself to make it more fun)

    A locksmith will get it out in no time (they have all the right tools), but you can save a couple of dollars with hours of sweat & frustration by having a go yourself. Alternatively you could shake the bike upside down and hope for the best.
  19. Jeez, Vic, my bike shop TOLD me to use WD-40 cos the ignition key on the Hornets are famously sticky. Is the world as we know it going to end now? Do I have to turn the bike up-side-down and wait for it to drip out?? Is life becoming far too hard.......?
    (like the graphite tip, will do that)
  20. Is the person in your bike shop a locksmith?

    WD40 is the answer you will get from a large number of people that don't know better.

    It's your barrel ralph :)