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Nice of Hornet to put on some good weather - NOT

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by pvda, Oct 31, 2011.

  1. The SuperX circus rolled into Wollongong (home of the world famous Netrider member known as Hornet) on Saturday and it was all going well until just before the finals and the heavens opened with an impressive thunder & lightning storm.


    Resulting in this for the riders


    At least I had an indoors job so I avoided the rain but not the mud in helping pack up. I even managed to get a Virgin flight home yesterday to replace the Qantas flight I was originally booked on.

    The series moves to Campbelltown next Saturday, followed by Maitland then Ipswich on the following weekends.

    The series is being shown on SPEED on Pay TV the Friday evening following each round for 2 hours at 7:30pm.
  2. lovely pics ,,,,,well i realy like the first one anyway
  3. That looks like fun. She knows what she's there for.

    Hornet. Norman Gunston. Wayne Gardner. ... must be something in the water.
  4. Top pics, Paul (y)

    At least chivalry isn't dead among moto-x people

    I'm guessing rider #2's camera didn't result in much good footage :LOL:

    The weather HAS been changeable here, but then again, I rode to Mittagong and back for work today and the weather was perfect.

    Sunday, coming back from the BBQ it poured for much of the trip home, and then by the time I got back to home (south of Wollongong) the sky was clear and my soaked Draggins were completely dry :shock:.

    But, like Mark Twain said, everyone talks about the weather, but no-one does anything about it :LOL:
  5. Bloke holding up the board looks familiar - do we know him?
  6. He'd got a phone in his pocket ...
  7. THats Hornet!
  8. Haha when Hornet was that young, cameras didn't make colour!
    Nah, he looks a lot like an official from a union I'm involved with, even down to the (somewhat gay) rubber bangle things...
  9. Tap a tap tap
  10. Needed pics of her in the mud too :)
  11. I borrowed them from Transmoto.

    Watching the radar most of it went around us but one big one dumped a heap of wet stuff just before the finals started.

    The weather was fine for the drive back to Sydney for the flight home, luckily we heard about the Qantas shut down early and booked seats on a Virgin flight a bit later in the day.

    It aint me, I'm taller and wider and at that time a lot drier as I was inside the TV box above the bar on the seaside hill watching the incoming lightning storm coming in over the mountains.