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Nice hood ornament

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by dsyfer, Sep 19, 2012.

  1. Had to be Salisbury.



  2. But where is the TV?
  3. His mate has it, 50" plazma mounted on the back of a gemini as a fully sic wing.
  4. There is an elegant intelligence within that stupidity. I would have never thought of strapping something to the bonnet if it wouldn't fit anywhere else. It's a whole new untouched storage area in a car.
  5. Mr Bean lives in Salisbury?
  6. He should have driven in reverse.
  7. Ha! them whacky cager's, should be a T.V show.
  8. There was ](*,)
  9. I fail to see the problem. :bolt:
  10. So did he, in fact he probably failed to see anything out of the front window.
  11. That's funny......

    Although I was expecting it to be American......
  12. Every time I read an article with a cop preaching about someone's dangerous behavior it makes me want to punch the next cop I see.

    Yes we know it's dangerous. Yes the driver knew it was dangerous. He decided to take the rick anyway and we laugh because he got busted. Just book him and move on. We are not 5 years old.
  13. Agreed.

    I'm actually not particularly bothered about folk who do dodgy stuff but recognise it as dodgy and act accordingly. It's the ones who do it and appear to have no clue as to what they're doing that scare me.

    Example: As far as I'm concerned it's (sort of) OK to put 1000 kgs of sand in your 750 kg box trailer and then go home via the back roads at 40 km/h with plenty of stops to let the tyres cool from rubbing on the guards and to check that nothing seems to be bending more than it should. It is not, however, OK to put 1000 kg into your 750 kg box trailer and head off down the highway at 120 with a trail of smoke pouring off each tyre, only to end up in the ditch a couple of km down the road and gazing, apparently mystified, at the shreds of smoking rubber wrapped around the trailer's wheels and axle.

    As we don't know exactly how the driver of the car in the OP was behaving, I'm not going to condemn him out of hand. He may have been being a dick. OTOH he may have been doing some basic risk management.
  14. Now Pat, there you go again. Don't bring logic to the argument - you'll spoil it!
  15. I've got that exact same TV cabinet. <- useless thread contribution