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Nice GSX-R

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by ScottyOZ, Apr 28, 2010.

  1. A couple of pics hijacked from another forum, but I though a few on here might like them :)
    That last one is my favorite. You can see the black line left from his other few runs. These are this guys backyard roads in the USA.

  2. looks like awesome fun.

    if someone posted up photos of that happening in australia no doubt there would be outrage.

    i like how the knee slider is between the lines in the 1st pic.
  3. #1 is a HOT picture
  4. Contemplating the Lucky Strike Fairing!
  5. contemplating a cigarette
  6. Hes on the wrong side of the road! What a hoon!

  7. I heart motorcycle p0rn
  8. TBH I just wish I could afford gear like that.
  9. Good pics. Happens all the time here. With the nanny state mentality though, most people just shut up about when and where, and don't take pictures.

    Power sliding the rear on a public road is pretty ballsy though.