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Nice (expensive) slide - dial up warning pics attached

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by pvda, Apr 16, 2007.

  1. Found these today from the recent Winton round of the National series and thought I'd share them, where they came from should be pretty obvious :wink:

    My first thought was how hot was his backside when he finally stopped sliding and then how much damage was done to the bike.




    Actually the 2nd & 3rd photo's suggest he's sliding along over the top of the sawtooth kerb which would not be pleasant either :shock:

    Two more pics in the next post to keep under the three pic/post limit :wink:

  2. Modded - Please post a link to a pic hosting service, double posting is a sploit against the 3 pic rule
  3. And so is cheating on your tax return... :roll:
  4. and if you have a problem with the T & C's go take it up it up with the owners. Twits like you are so much fun.

    Cheers :cool:
  5. I believe as exploit is just that, a loop hole, it doesn't explicitly contradict the T&C...

    Unlike your signature, which has a derogatory statement (Link) towards a group of people, which I shall go 'take it up' as you suggest. :)

    (Sorry i missed this earlier, I wasn't bitching on people all the time :) )