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Nice day ride route near Sydney

Discussion in 'NSW' started by Simon Lockington, Jun 27, 2010.

  1. Gidday guys,
    Went for a great ride today and thought I'd post up the route for people not familiar with Sydney and looking for a nice day ride.

    This is a great route because it has barely any boring motorway sections and by the time I did a few detours was about 500km all up.

    I stopped in Galston for breakfast and Singleton for afternoon tea as well as a few stops on the way to meet a few fellow bikers.

    Anyway, here's the route for anyone interested.


  2. pretty well known route dude, did u stop at wollombie pub for a drink?
  3. Yeah it's more for guys new to the area like me who have NFI. I find route maps a bit more helpful I guess than the text descriptions.

    No didn't stop at the pub this time, was having to scoot along at an enthusiastic pace to get home in time etc.
  4. did that hairpin just past buckety give u a fright? surprises a lot of riders and many have gone down
  5. I'm new and have NFI about which routes are good rides, so these threads are awesome for noobs like me

    cheers for posting

    edit: your route starts in collaroy which is super convenient since i live in dee why :cool:
  6. Yeah, my son-in-law's ZX6-R had a little lie down there a couple of months ago :(
  7. not very well signed that corner, had a bloke in front of me scrape the barriers
  8. I nearly came off there the first time I went too.. Got distracted by the police tape closing off a gap in the armco where someone else had gone off then the corner tightened up... Nearly created my own hole :angel:

    Think I was actually following you when this happened, Goz! Was in a group with a loud CBR250 and two Triumph Rockets.
  9. thats the 1 mate :)
  10. looks like a very nice scenery route

    winter in the forest it would get a little chilly !

    think ill go that way next time i goto Karuah

  11. yeh goz thats the run we should do on Sat
  12. Hey mate if you're doin this on Sat I'm up for it too
  13. Did that loop a few weeks ago, twas 4 degrees at Windsor at 9:30 in the morning, oh and plenty of fog too. I was toasting my hands on the exhaust pipe.
  14. I did Wollombi to peat Ridge in the car last weekend and It suprised me how bad the road was. Passed two cops too.

  15. oath, but we start early
  16. Great ride - even with the slightly dodgy road.

    But do it during the week if you can. On the weekend everyone and their dog is doing it and the weekend warriors do some bl00dy foolish things.

    And lots of them have several beers at the Wollombi pub and ride back with judgement impaired - not over the limit I suspect, but you need to watch for the returning riders.
  17. Anyone interested in doing this on 23 Oct?
  18. tubsy how about the 30th
  19. ^^ Can a 250 drag along? :D
  20. Yeh, sounds good. I'm currently bike less, but resolving that problem this week.
    @Brassoman, I'm happy for a 2 fiddy to tag along.