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Nice day + I want to have a ride = top marks.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by krabi, Aug 16, 2009.

  1. As a school teacher I enjoy the holidays I have, but those holidays are time in lieu. Often I do plenty of work on weekends to keep up with the fast pace of teaching seniors. On hearing the forecast for the weekend, particularly Sunday, was going to be "bloody fantastic", I stayed up late on Friday night to mark 100 assessments. Bleary eyed I got through them. I then ducked off to school to do some work early Saturday morning and collected another load of marking. I worked late into Saturday night, but I did not have the stamina to finish the task off. I wake early, to make a good start on the marking. I get to the final three reports. Now usually a teacher will look at an assessment task and be reluctant to give it full marks for whatever pedantic reason. We comment to help the student or in some cases we comment to keep them off our back for losing that one mark. So, I'm down to final three reports, they stand in the way of me and the bike and the twisty roads on this fine glorious Sunday! I read them and they are good, not perfect, but very good. Maybe they are 18-19 out of 20, but then I'll have to write on them to say why they are 19 and not 20? That will take up time. "20/20. Well done, Johnny!". Now off to ride those twistie roads.
    For those students, they can thank the euphoria of a good motorcycle ride on a perfect Sunday for their top marks! Now who said motorcycling was not beneficial to people's education? :p

  2. :LOL: Anything to get out on the road :grin:
  3. /waits for teacher and pay rise comment :p
  4. That's hilarious!
    I wish my teachers had something better to do 2 years ago! Hope you had a good time. I used to remember always complaining to myself having to write 1000 words or whatnot without considering how much words the teacher had to correct. These days 1000 words is a piece of piss!
  5. Lol, now ur gonna get the "my essay was waaaay better than Johnnys! How come i got less???" questions. I'd do the same if it meant i could go for a spin on day like today tho...
  6. I'll skip the pay rise for more days like today. I'll put that on the negotiation table next time.
    Maybe I should introduce it as a sport? Imagine that on the megaphone:
    "Bowling go to bus 1; Surfing, bus 2; House sport, over there; Putty Road Riders, mount your beasts!" . I can only dream.
  7. oh god yes.
    i finish school on a friday at about 1:40, and take the extra extra long way home down McCarrs creek.
    that would be really good, get instructors and everything, teach roadcraft and general skills.......
    there are some people at school who need it. square tyres and rooted chains, i wonder how they ride.
  8. You work too hard! :LOL:
  9. sounds like you made the right decision, I give you 100% for having your priorities in order.
  10. Thats weird. At school today I got my assignment back. I got full marks and the teacher had written "Well Done, Johnny!"...
  11. My mafs teecha an inglich teecha road modabikes an eye got excrement marx for boff subjex butt eye fugt up in one eggsam wen i spelled my naim wiff a seven