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Nice Cops

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by CruiseOrLoose, Sep 11, 2009.

  1. Last friday night i had to do a trip from the city to pick up little brother from homebush. Was with the mates and it was after work so it was the last thing i wanted to do on a friday night.

    So we decided to make a night of it instead of winging and wining. So my two mates jumped in there car and me and my other mate decided to take the bikes up.

    Instead of leaving them in the carpark and getting them the next day. On the way up we usually check for police for a couple of minutes 10 or so, and it seemed like a quite freeway night.

    So we started doing some tricks my mate was acting like an idiot on his r6 ( wheelies and stoppies )

    After the long ride up we got there too find my brother and his mates waiting outside all for the parents ( or whoever is coming to get them )

    as we rocked up my brother ran to my bike and said do some tricks do some tricks - - this road wasnt the biggest straight but if i was to pop a wheelie i would of had to turned a little corner.

    So after arguing with him i finally agreed to do a little one for him and his mates. Rode back to the gutter and popped a nice one neally falling of my bike cause i didnt see the speed hump ( which was designed by a retard - impossible to see ) but still managed to make it look good. as i turned the corner i accelerated a bit and the revs climbed and the yoshi just opened up and let off a big rev!!

    All my luck i turned to the right as i noticed something flashing in my eyes to find the cops hiding behind the rubbish bins wear there seemed to be a back entrance to homebush train station. Highbeams glaring into my eyes i didnt even bother taking off a bit to see if i could of gotten away ( stupid move i know but everything runs through your head at those times ) the cops were out of there car anyway.

    So i pulled up next to the cop and got off to find him taking out his little black book and asks what i was about to do.

    Small talk
    - what you doing
    - where you from
    - license and rego

    after the whole conversation i expected him to pull out a ticket and smack me a big one for noise poloution and i think he saw the little stunt i pulled.

    I looked him in the eyes and he just looked and me and said you do one more for me and the boys and i let you off - : O

    : O

    i turned to the other cop and said no thats a joke.

    He said nah mate his the senior constable go for it.

    The second he finished that line i jumped on the bike forgot to put my helmet on i was so suprised until i was " Politely - " Smartass" asked to put the helmet on at least.

    So i rolled the bike to the street started her up. Rolled back a bit accelerated hard and up it went held for a bit and then dropped.

    Cops walked over and said good one mate now keep that rubbish off the road !!

    ( This might be hard to believe as i could hardly tell my other mates that it happened but i had my mates watching me from the carpark. )

    Talk about good cops
  2. Amazing what you can make people do when you hide behind beans and hire some costumes from a shop. :p
  3. When I was slightly younger (and a lot stupider), me and some mates got done for hooning on some private property (long story, not the place or time :p - it was all pretty much sand, mind you, which is all my car can spin it's wheels on).

    Cops came and the younger one comes over to me and the very old Volvo I used to have pre-bike, and says "Nice car mate - bet it's great for picking up chicks" (obviously taking the piss - since it's wasn't, especially with the paint so faded). I responded straight away "Yeah, it's great for doing burnouts too". Cop got the biggest grin on his face, attempted to compose himself when he realised my other mate had overheard and was now cracking up, said "This isn't a laughing matter" but continued to fail to hide his massive smirk :LOL: .
  4. " Bins "
  5. I know... I'm just being silly ;)