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Featured Nice commuting weather in Melbourne today!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by malJohann, May 13, 2015.

  1. Don't you think? 1.5°C with rain and sleepy cagers!! Fun!!!

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  2. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  3. I hear you!

    Was fun riding in on the Western Freeway in the pouring rain, idiot drivers and rubbish traffic. As a learner though I'm finding it to be brilliant experience.

    At least is wasn't large chunks of hail...
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  4. Marvellous here in Tassie. Clear skies, 30km run on a (fairly) empty road, and something like 5°C... Can definitely tell the bike loves the cooler temperatures.
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  5. I don't mind rain, I hate the misty crap that gets thrown up by the cars, trucks etc though.
  6. It's coming. Take care all.
  7. What time? I commute daily on the Western Freeway.

    You'd think your gear has enough armour. It doesn't.
  8. This weather sucks, and I'm in my car!
  9. No matter how bad the weather might be, riding still beats taking Melbourne's Public transport.... :p
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  10. I'm merging on Christies Road at about 6:15am and in St Kilda before 6:50am generally. Can't miss my L plate and Hi Vis!

    How far out are you coming from?
  11. My mistake, I'm on the M1 while you're on the M8. Do you go M8 --> M80 --> M1 per chance? My departure time varies, based on the sleep pattern of my bub (and subsequently the whole household). If you've seen me before, I'm on a White/orange KTM 390 Duke with DRLs on my handguards.
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  12. Or when you get stuck behind a truck and all you can see is a wall of white... :)

    Awesome fun times!
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  13. I do cage AND public transport on days like today.

    Drove behind a cruiser this morning keeping the other impatient bastards off his rear...my good deed for the day.
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  14. Nice(ish) day here. A mate and I rode up to Narooma for fish and chips. :p
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  15. me too
  16. It always gets you in the spots where the armour isn't too strong
  17. I love the cold. . . . When I'm inside. And my bike does ride smoother. Everyone around seems to forget how to drive though
  18. Wasn't to bad...only with small problem - my pants started absorbing water...from seat.
  19. Luckily I missed all rain during the morning commute. It was between 8:40 and 9 so not that cold but left work at 6:30 and it was freezing then. And wet too.

    But still better than being in a car. ;)
  20. Weather in Adelaide yesterday was balls.

    Riding into work was okay, little patches of rain here and there, picked up after I parked.
    End of the day I come out to pouring rain.
    On the way to a coffee at 7pm, driving rain, and crosswinds that were blowing a mates car well over.
    On the way back from that, even stronger cross winds, the same driving rain, and fcuking hail!
    So I glad I invested in waterproof gear.

    Sucks getting yours L's this time of year.
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