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nice catch ....this time!

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by jphanna, Jul 1, 2012.

  1. well in the driest state, in the driest continent......its just so convenient to have a never ending continuous run of wet weather in Adelaide. it all seemed to start the DAY....the very DAY that i signed the contract for a new GV250 for my chick (you know her as Soozie)

    so i been doing the following behind in the car thing....in the wet, since we got it nearly 2 weeks ago. we have been riding at nights after work, locally and today was the first proper 'day run'. this time we went out for a decent ride to barossa valley. she lives on the doorstep of the road that leads to it.

    anyway after a patchy ride on a 100% damp road, we got to the home stretch and only about 6kms from home, and we come to the one bend that i have warned her about repeatedly. its a hairpin that falls away, off camber.

    so we are on the exit of it, and im thinking all is well.... then the azz end skips out and i thought she is gone, but she just caught it. i am thinking what the hell did she do to have that reaction and i thought maybe she gassed it up too soon, but when we stopped it was the first question i asked.

    it was simple. she was about to change up to 3rd....and got first instead. i dropped my bike as a learner in my driveway, doing the same thing, but she was lucky it didnt go down......this time.
  2. Hahahahahaha, thats funny, but its the only way to gain experience, Lucky she kept it up, good for her,

    Ive been sitting behind a learner for quite a while now, You can only tell them so much, Then they have to find out for themselves.