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Nice bloody python bite

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by YamahaWoman, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. I was cleaning tanks this morning, but when I got to Phoenix, he decided he was hungry. I went to pick him up out of the tank and he wrapped around a branch. I reached in to pick up the branch and he grabbed me on the wrist. I was the only one home so I was trying to unwrap him as best I could with one hand, and of course he wasn't making it easy. As I was trying to unwrap him he clamped his teeth harder into my skin and then started pulling this skin out away from my wrist... that hurt! I could see his nice little needle teeth very clearly, and after I finally got him off me I saw that he left a tooth on my arm. I think I'll put that in my little snake scrap book :D

    I tried for almost 10 minutes to unwrap him which sort of worked lol, but then I ran cold water over his head for a while. It was going in his mouth and he didn't care, it took a while for him yo finally let go. When I saw that he was moving and getting ready to let go I held his head to make sure he didn't grab me anywhere else. After I cleaned up the wound I took pics of the cute little culprit and put him back in his enclosure. He'd calmed down by this time and was back to his nice pleasant attitude :)


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  2. That's just a flesh wound - don't be such a baby...
    And stop fondling rats before you clean the cages ;)
  3. Jezus Christ! Kill it!!!!

    Never understood you snake owners! Bit like those that keep giant friggin spiders!!!!

    Yet to meet someone that raises Great White Sharks!
  4. Hmmm. Hope he's been flossing regularly :shock:.
  5. Looks like a diamond?! They aren't really known for doing stuff like that. Nasty looking bite, but, glad you and he are ok. How big is he?

    My Daughters one bit me once. It was just a strike and let go. I think one of my other daughters had accidentally pinched his tail.

    Just one question. Do you feed him in the tank he lives in?
  6. he had a nibble and thoguht 'hmmm, tastes like chicken' lol
  7. I've always wanted a python, just haven't got around to it.....yet. :) He's a big guy isn't he!!!, I'd get a tetanus booster for that, and it looks painful. I always thought they were reasonably trustworthy, but there you go! Hope it heals fast.
  8. Yes, he's a Diamond. I'm up to date with my tetanus, I'd just had a shower and had handled two other snakes before that and they didn't smell anything on me, so Phoenix must have been hungry. He usually has a lovely temperament, but if he wants food it's best to stay right away. I have 8 pythons and this is the first bite I've had for months, bites rarely happen. I feed all my snakes in their tanks, some people feed them in tubs but this only causes more stress to the animal when you have to put it back in its enclosure after feeding, and there's no real evidence that feeding in tubs stops snakes fro biting when you put your hand in their tank. When I went to get him out and he started to wrap around me I knew he was going to grab me, but I wasn't quick enough to stop it happening. I have a snake hook, I think I'll start using that to get him out.

    Snakes are actually very good pets to have, the younger ones get fed once a week and the adult every fortnight- month, and they don't crap as often as cats and dogs either. When you buy one as a pet you have to accept that you could be bitten, you can't train snakes, they don't have much intelligence. An example of their intellect is my Murray Darling carpet python. When he was about 7 months old he used to wrap his tail around his neck and then panic because he couldn't breathe properly. Since pythons don't see that well, since you are warm and moving and smell like another animal then you're dinner!
  9. Apart from tetanus have you disinfected the wound area thoroughly???
  10. Looks that way because their teeth are so sharp you tend to bleed a lot... It's not a nasty bite until you also get bruising from it. ;)
  11. I saw a doco on the box where a bloke was feeding a really big one on his own and it killed him,obviously it didn't try eating him but he got constricted and overwhelmed.It that case his hand smelled of rat.
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    I had a spotted that was a nasty piece of work. Would snap at the glass when you walked past. Never got me with a feeding bite however it got my friend on the ear once. Did not want to let go of that. When I thought it was letting go it just tried to swallow the ear further.
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    I put aquim hand gel on it. I used that about a year ago when a snake bit me, I'd used the gel after the bite and the wound didn't get infected despite one of the python's teeth being in my hand for 2 weeks.

    This wound has already started to bruise. He got me good!

    Unfortunately that's what happens when you deal with a large snake on your own. I don't go anywhere near my large snakes when I'm the only one home. Looks like I won't be going near the smaller ones either, it takes too long to get them off when you're on your own and in the meantime your wrist is getting ripped up.

    My first snake was a spotted, she was exactly the same. I sold her to a guy that had a male, he said he was going to breed them. I hope the babies have better attitudes :)

    This is what it looks like now, about 2 hours after the bite:
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    That's kinda cute in a weird way. My friend has a python, last time I crashed at her placed it escaped which was a bit disconcerting when sleeping on the floor. It has a lovely temperament though, we found her happily curled up behind the water heater.
  15. A girl once sold me a "female" spotted python to breed with my male. I put them together and they started fighting straight away, which means 2 males. Although this one had a lovely temprament so I doubt it was you.
  16. Nasty.

    While they are beautiful animals, I've never understood the attraction of sharing your house with a large predator with a tiny brain.
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    Glad it was a nice snake. One of mine escaped once, she was really little and she managed to fit through the gap between the glass doors. I didn't think I'd seen her again because she was so small that she'd be able to get outside, or if she didn't, there were plenty of places in the house where she could hide, but that was if she escaped from the 2 cats... a few hours later I found her hiding under the couch just a couple of meters from her tank.

    The guy I sold mine too was from Geelong, plus I'd had her sexed as a female when I bought her, I was there when she was probed. I wonder if the person who sold the snake to you knew what sex it really was? If they did they deserve a kick in the ass!

    They're certainly a different animal, but if you treat them right and watch their body language it's usually ok. I knew I was going to get bitten by my snake today but I couldn't move quick enough to get out of the way. He's not big enough to kill anyone yet, I stay right away from the ones that are big enough to cause death unless someone else is there with me who isn't too scared to help if something goes wrong. You're far more likely to be killed by the family dog which would rip you to shreds first, at least a death by a python is quick. If you don't die from not being able to breathe you have a cardiac arrest because the blood in your body can't move properly because you're being squeezed so tight.

    There's been one death in this country from a python, it was a scrub python. They're the county's largest python, they reach an average of 18 feet long. This man had been strangled by his scrub python, there was a shed skin in the snake's tank which was likely what the owner had gone to get, but nobody else was there so he couldn't be helped. The media said he was drunk, but a man on snake forum I'm on was a friend of his and said that wasn't true. Typical media assholes!

    The attraction is ease of car, colour, having something different. Their scales feel awesome too, very soft and smooth.

    Here's a pic of my snake that escaped, boy was I happy to get her back!

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  18. Gary Larson fan by any chance? :D
  19. Here's some better pics I just took of Lucy, and another one of the Diamond that bit bit me:

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    Oh come on, men aren't so bad :p