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Nibor's new ride

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by nibor, Oct 16, 2008.

  1. yup. ive got a new bike.
    well actually its second hand.
    and actually ive had it for a month.
    but i havent put it in the garage yet, im about to :grin:

    thar she blows!



  2. Robin, it's very pretty, but isnt it what you had before?
  3. Congratulations on getting your learners!
  4. Very tidy and clean. Like the red and gold too.
  5. Aren't you about to become a pedestrian again?
  6. vtr250 x 2 = vtr500

    dun worry. its still lams
  7. Chain looks clean
  8. I could have sworn I sent you a pm telling you to wait before buying another vtr250... :?

    Just checked - Nope. Sorry mate, I'll have one next week for sale w a Staintune pipe zakkery the same colours :)

    Nice ride though :)
  9. Niiice - want to loan it to me for a few days? :grin: :p :p
  10. hahah yeah it's my 3rd VTR250.
    love the bike so im happy to sit with it again for the rest of restrictions and then some, instead of try something else.
    and yes im currently a pedestrian :LOL:
    gives me plenty of time to clean her :(
  11. Sorry :grin: Couldn't resist....

  12. Looks great Robin ... very clean.
    ( Don't forget to keep that clain clean too ) :p


  13. your 3rd eh? What did you do to the other 2?! :p I also have a VTR and it's lots of fun, but you HAVE to get a megacycle pipe, it's aces :grin:
  14. ok Fee, you HAVE to pay for it though! :grin:
    my first i wrote off after two stacks, the 2nd i sold prior to a 6 month suspension.

    3rd time lucky? :LOL:

    very funny, Fuzzy :p :grin:
  15. Ok i'll pay for it *coughnotcough*


    yes, 3rd time is the charm!!!! :LOL:

    We should go 4 a VTR only ride out, before I sell my bike :) you can hear what the pipe sounds like ;)
  16. haha yeah you've been on the MR yeah?
    ive seen up to 20 VTR250's on there lol.
    there's a fair following in Melb.
    when are you selling?
    im not back on the bike till Jan though :(
  17. Hey that's one hell of a sexxxy lookin' bike nibor! :wink: :cool:

    Is it 07? Looks familiar - :cool: only yours hasn't got duct tape holding the rear indicator together. :wink: :LOL:
  18. nice bike nibs
    I had a chat with the boys and girls at rowville cop shop and they showed me the spot they have set aside just for your new ride :grin: and it is closer to you than Trinity's garage.
  19. yeah I went on the MR once :grin: i'm selling soon, only coz some1 is interested (friend of friend) otherwise i'd keep it till next year, but early next year I hope to upgrade so i'm sure i'll see you on a ride :)