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Nibor needs a new bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by nibor, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. long story short, my 3rd VTR is rather bent and scratched. i need a new bike!

    im after something that:
    - goes like a zirtec (sorry i had to :LOL:)
    - handles well enough
    - is comfy for long days in the saddle. 300-600km in a day is fun and often.
    - gets decent milage.
    - is LAMS compliant.

    my VTRs have served me well, but i want to know if anyone can reccomend anything better?
    open to all sensible suggestions :)

  2. Did you crash AGAIN nibs?? :? *edit* never mind, just found it on facebook

    How about a Hooflung? :LOL:

    Seriously though, what about one of the newer CB400's? By all accounts they are one of the best LAMS bikes around right now. It also wouldn't be that dissimilar to your VTR.

    It's also a Honda :cool:
  3. have you thought of the Piaggio MP3 250,400 or 500cc
    that extra wheel might just help :p
  4. Something without a fairing that goes clunk instead of smash-tinkle-tinkle...
  5. Beginning to think something like this might come in handy Robin :LOL:

  6. [​IMG]
    Just try to avoid pointy objects :p
  7. PMSL @ Bluesuede & jd! :LOL:

    I think this might be more appropriate though. The young man still has much to learn :p

  8. i have ridden the cb400 at a training day, and it is a hoot!!! the other 2 i would consider would be a sv650 and the gs500, only ridden the sv650 (not then LAMS version) but it is a good handling road bike and then you also have more power after restriction :wink:
  9. You know you wanna buy a shagged out, crashed 5 times but freshly painted ex sumoto CBR-250RRRRR with 93,500 k's on the clock...LAMS is for poofs :p :LOL:

    on a serious note what about a DRZ-400SM, or the CB400 take a few out for a spin dude and I'm sure you'll find the one!
  10. I second the DR-Z400sm. One pulled up next to me at the lights the other day, and when they went green, I was sure I was going to lose, but he had so much trouble keeping the front wheel down :rofl:
  11. I think you need to slow down nibs, so here are my suggestions:

    This one has had a long life, needs a rear wheel and some love and will come up a treat.

    Or a nice little fixxerer upperer perfect for you

    Or something a little sportier with excellent reflectors

    Whaddya think? ;) :p
  12. Another option:
  13. See if you can find an SZR660. A bit more go, and pretty sweet handling. CB400 would probably be beaut too, but not cheap.
  14. Wow is that a center stand on the last pic rob?
  15. Go the CB400, people love them!
  16. Ahh yes, but what sort of people are you referring to? ;) :p

    ( https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=62032 )
  17. what happened to the one the other day?
  18. then you wrote
    good find JD :LOL:

    i think homos go for the big singles
  19. Inline four sportsbikes, I swear! :grin: