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Ni NRs

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by drkstr, Jan 19, 2007.

  1. Hi all, I,m a "Ulysses age" rider out of Bayside Melbourne returning to riding after a long time off.
    Bought myself an old Yam XJ900 (nothing like diving straight in) to see if I still liked it. And of course, I do! I commute to and from work (around 38kms) a few times a week and do some short rides on weekends when time permits. I would like to get into some touring or at least some longer rides this year such as an overnighter here and there. As I said to one of my kids the other day; "It can be cold, miserable, dangerous and scary. That's why we do it".
    Good to be back

  2. You can't go round saying 'Ni' to all and sundry, you know!!!!!

    Hi and welcome to riding, and to Netrider............
  3. I like the "It can be cold, miserable, dangerous and scary. That's why we do it" statement - would make a good sig :cool: Welcome to NR.
  4. Ni!

    Aah, 'tis a sad day when passing ruffians say "Ni" to an old woman.
    G'day drkstr :grin:
  5. Welcome drkstr and welcome back to riding. I too liked you comment on why we like riding.
  6. Welcome to Netrider and back to motorcycling. How long were you out for? Have you thought about doing a refresher course? I Know HART run them all the time.
  7. welcome to NR
  8. Thats not WHY I do it, but I put up with it coz it's soooo worth it! :grin:
    Welcome to NR from a fellow member (Ulysses too)
  9. Thanks all

    Pete, I have been out of it for around 20 years (some might say forever). I aim to do the intermediate HART course as soon as I can co-ordinate the day. Thanks for the reminder.
    Speed, I agree. Sometimes its that rotten, crappy stuff that makes you feel like you really "did" something. But at this stage of my riding, I'm happy with the other! Thanks again