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NFL Season Kicking Off!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Justin Stacks, Sep 5, 2012.

  1. Any NFL or Gridiron fans here?

    NFL season kicks off tomorrow (or tonight in the U.S).

    Dallas vs NYG.

    I think NYG will take this game. Should also beat the spread which is -3.5

    It should be a VERY interesting season:
    • Payton Manning in Denver
    • Tebow w/ NYJ
    • How will Vick and Young do in Phili?
    • Will NE be dominant as usual?
    • No coach for NO for first few games

    Should be a good season! So glad it's back!
  2. Also been waiting for the new season! Should be a good one.
    Foles and Edwards named number 2 and 3 QB, Young went to the Bills in May? and was released in August. Kafka was expected to be backup QB
    but broke his hand in preseason game one. Foles and Edwards had a good performance during preseason, so Kafka was subsequently cut.

    Any opinions on the lockout, now that we're going into the regular season? :eek:
  3. Damn - forgot about Young going to the Bills and being released...

    The lockout is going to be very interesting - somewhere down the line a replacement official is going to make an absolute horrible call to cost a team a game and there will be a lot of controversy...OR...no one will really notice since the old officials have botched numerous calls in the past, so it may not be any different. :LOL:

    Looks like they are going to use an eight-official crew until lockout ends.
  4. Having the booth supervisor with a line to one of the officials will certainly help the quality of the games, some of the calls in the preseason though were hilarious.
  5. Go the Giants :)
  6. The Cowboys defence was pretty stellar in the pre-season so I think it'll be interesting, it's on live right now, I watched like two hours of pre-game coverage and then my gf goes to sleep just before the game so I had to turn the TV off :'(

    I'm a Jags and Saints fan, but I barely know any of the players now, didn't get to see much of the last couple seasons and it's all moved on :p
  7. Damn. Giants were such a disappointment.

    First SuperBowl team to lose their opening game in like 10 years. Wow!
  8. Here we go Steelers, here we go!