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NFL Player Kellen Winslow's bike after accident

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by CBRSteve, May 10, 2005.

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  2. Does it matter to a Cinci Bengals fan? :D :D
  3. Nah mate - I hate the Browns!!!!! =D
  4. Steves a green bay packers fan deep down :p
  5. No need for insults mate! :p
  6. its just a little airborne, its still good, its still good!
  7. did he throw that bike over a cliff or something? it doesnt look like he slid down the road for very long, it just looks like it went up then came down on its nose. correct me if i'm wrong!
  8. If he played for Tampa Bay it would never of happend, but cause he plays for Clevland and was riding a suzuki...shit happens.

    ps.Go Bucs!
  9. It doesn't look like it slid down the road at all. It does look like he hit a curb at about 60kph and the bike went bush, which strangely enough is what the description says.
  10. The real question

    The REAL question that needs to be asked here is, how did a neanderthal NFL player get a licence to start with?
  11. Go Redskins.

    Ummm...the bike doesn't look very rideable. :shock:

    I don't really have anything valuable to add to this thread. I just wanted to mention I support the Redskins. :D :D :D
  12. Geez - All the NFL fans are coming out of the woodwork now.

    Good to see I'm not alone :D

    How do you reckon your teams will fair this year?
  13. Re: The real question

    I'm surprised that a professional sports player is riding a motorcycle at all. I'd have thought that his contract would have prohibited such 'dangerous activities'.
  14. Re: The real question

    Have to disagree with you on that rc.

    You have to be very intelligent to play in the NFL. If you weant to be drafted by a team then you must have a very high grade point average as well as good physical skills. There's a few physics majors floating around as well as sociology majors as well. Here's an example.


    Hometown is Sulphur Springs, Texas … Exercise physiology major at Arkansas, he was named three times to Southeastern Conference Academic Honor Roll; also three-time Verizon Academic all-district … Active in community and charity work, he made three trips with some teammates to Honduras to help build houses … Worked with children in Fayetteville (Ark.) Community Outreach Project … First name pronounced is "KAY-lib."

    Some of them play like Neanderthals or behave like them (ie shootings, murders & drug dealers)but a generally are a pretty intelligent bunch.
  15. not for long

    well, let me rephrase that...if they're not neanderthal when they START playing, they certainly are by the time they finish... :D
  16. If you want a laugh, watch as the american cops try to 'recreate' the Winslow accident, and the gumby test rider locks up the back then tucks the front... then they all join together preach about how dangerous motorcycles are!

    This is similar to an emergency braking procedure that most of us do during our licence test... most of us don't yank the handlebars during the process.


    thank god our cops aren't this dumb... ?
  17. that was a classic....

    what an idiot. wearing jeans too.
  18. hahahaha pure gold :)