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NFI Warehouse Sale (Silverwater)

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by lui, Jun 5, 2010.

  1. Did anyone go? I was there around 10-ish, there was a queue of about 30 people outside, inside was jam packed. I have to be at somewhere before 12 so I didn't have time to wait around. Saw quite a few people came out with 1 piece suit and helmet, so price must be decent.

    I wonder if it's still on tomorrow, no doubt all the good sizes were already gone anyway.
  2. didnt even know about it
  3. Hence the name NFI
  4. a long way to drive for a bargain :(.
  5. well they're still open today. go again luigi?
  6. Checked it out this morning, still got some good bargains to be had. All Dainese leathers (jackets from $200, pants $150) and Puma boots (V1000 $250) have Ducati branding, so they may not be desirable for everyone. Spyke racing gloves $20, Vemar helmets from $50, rain gears $50, textile jackets $100, and various causal wears from $10.

    For someone just started can easily kit up for under $500.
  7. Did'ya get anything?
  8. I was very tempted to get a leather jacket $200 (very good looking), it doesn't have protections so it's for causal wearing. It has Ducati written in front and behind, I figure it's sort of wired wearing it while not riding and besides I don't ride a Ducati, so I didn't get it. I was hoping to see more non-Ducati branded stuff.
  9. haha at $200 and "leather" I wonder if Ducati know they are ripping off their trademark?
  10. Damn..wish I knew about it...would have gone to check it out.
  11. Very good quality as well. The tag says made by Dainese, great bargain for Ducati riders or wannabes.
  12. where are these guys located?
  13. I think NFI are part of the Frasers empire.
  14. that is correct
  15. So Smee was right about what NFI stands for.
  16. From humble beginnings, the Fraser Motorcycles Group has transcended Australian states continually striving for and is synonymous with quality and excellence in the motorcycle industry.

    The Group consists of five motorcycle Retail Stores located in Sydney, Melbourne, Newcastle, Wollongong and Perth. Central to these operations is NF Importers, an importing and distributing company.

    NF Importers supplies the Fraser Motorcycle Stores, other franchisees and retailers across Australian and in New Zealand, concentrating principally on prestigious and premium brands. NF Importers headlines their stock lists with Ducati Motorcycles, a relationship now spanning more than 45 years.

    Beginning is 1964, the Company’s association with Ducati began with the supply of two 250cc Mach 1 machines to local Newcastle road-racing enthusiasts. From there, the importing and distribution side of the business grew rapidly and included the European marques of Bultaco, Italjet, Bimota and Cagiva.

    Now based in Sydney, NF Importers continues its long and very successful association with Ducati as importer and distributor for Australia and New Zealand for motorcycles, apparel, parts and accessories. Additionally other brands such as Motomaster Brakes, STM Clutches, Vemar Helmets and Powertye tie-downs are also imported and distributed through-out Australia by NF Importers.

    The company strives to exceed market and customer expectations by importing premium products for premium motorcycles. It has and continues to grow in every facet of its operations. It also serves the Fraser Motorcycles dealership business.

    Fraser Motorcycles dealerships continue to provide an exceedingly high level of service and quality products. Their goal is to exceed customer expectation just as NF Importers strives to exceed consumer demands. With high quality products and service the Fraser Motorcycles Group have found a formula for success.

    Fraser Motorcycles Group is still a family owned business that has had continued achievement and growth since their first dealership opened in 1955. NF Importers has been a natural progression for a company wishing to continue the success of the motorcycling industry. Making one’s passion one’s business, the Fraser Motorcycles Group continues to bring enjoyment to customers, employees and owners alike.
  17. But doesn't mean it is made to Dainese standards in their $2000 products. Think about it, for a minute, then take my advice, the real kit's worth at least 4-g's.

    From their website it sounds more like a license to import goods manufactured overseas and distribute them solely from a single warehouse and not alongside their other dainese non-ducati gear so as to no detract from their upscale merchandise...
  18. is there a sale still on?
  19. Looking at the brands listed there is nothing I would want anyway. Used to like Vemar helmets, but more recently I've been completely underwhelmed by them.