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webBikeWorld Nexx XT1 Helmet Review

Discussion in 'Motorcycling News' started by NetriderBot, Jul 15, 2015.

  1. The Nexx XT1 is the Portuguese company's new premiere full-face motorcycle helmet.

    It's what we'd call a "supersport" helmet, with features such as the locking face shield and Pinlock posts cribbed from racing helmets.

    But the very nice, full coverage internal sun visor and "quick release" chin strap retainer, along with the plush removable liner, give the XT1 street cred.

    It's also fitted for the Nexx/Sena X-Com intercom system, with molded speaker cavities, a molded inset for the mic and the X-Com intercom receptacle on the left-hand side of the shell.

    The built-in X-Com intercom is a version of the Sena SMH-10R (review) low-profile system.

    The XT1 has a composite fiberglass/aramid/carbon shell and it's also available in full carbon fiber.

    It's about as far from the original Nexx XR1R helmet (review) as you can get in every way that you can imagine, so forget everything you thought you new about Nexx when you check out the XT1.

    Not everything is a bed of roses, however. The XT1 carries a fairly hefty list price and we found it to be louder than we anticipated, given the thick liner and comfortable fit.


    We've been reviewing Nexx helmets since the XR1R review back in 2009. The original XR1R was unique, lightweight, different and...a bit crude.

    Forget all that, because the XT1 has about as much in common with the XR1R as a moped does to a Multistrada.

    Nexx helmets are made in Europe and the company has always been at the leading edge of helmet design. Need proof? Take a look at last year's Nexx SWITX SX10 (review), the webBikeWorld Motorcycle Product of the Year. Nothing else comes anywhere close to this unique design!

    While the new XT1 isn't quite as radical, it does have a new "organic" shape, reminiscent of recent Japanese "fluid" design, such as the Kodo "Soul of Motion" design language popularized by Mazda.

    One doesn't have to look very far in the family tree, as the XT1 styling is quite different from the more angular styling found in the Nexx XD1 dual-sport helmet (review), also announced during 2014 EICMA and the 2014 AIMExpo show (report).

    The XT1 is a hybrid of sport and street, with features from both. We'd place it in the somewhat nebulous "supersport" category, such as the CMS GTRS we reviewed recently.

    Unfortunately for the XT1, it arrived at the same time as the CMS GTRS and back-to-back evaluation rides pointed to at least one major difference. The XT1 is much louder than the GTRS when riding in the exact same conditions on the same motorcycles.

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