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Nexus v Majesty v Burgman

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by fossil, Mar 23, 2007.

  1. Funny, I posted a new topic in this forum the other day and it doesn't seem to have made it to the website. Must've done something wrong.
    Anyway, I think my 150cc Bug Espresso is a bit small for me (1.8m tall, 90 kgs) and I'm looking at something a little larger.
    I'm tossing up between a Gilera Nexus 500, Yamaha Majesty 400 or a Suzuki Burgman 400. Can't afford the bigger jobs.
    I won't be touring too far a field (maybe a longish trip every full moon) and I won't be carrying a pillion too often (missus dreads the thought of perching precariously on the back of a scooter).
    I like the look of the Nexus but reviews I've read prefer the others
    Any ideas, thoughts, preferences?
    I live in country NSW so it's really difficult to test drive the various scoots

  2. They say the Nexus 500 is the closest they've come to producing a "sports scooter" and it can really be a heap of fun in the twisties. I don't know how much that sort of thing matters to scooter buyers though!
  3. It would be well worth your while to make a trip into the city so that you can at least sit on, and preferably ride, each one. I have just been through this exercise and settled for the Burgman 400, but I live in the city and my needs are different to yours.

    Loz is correct, the Nexus is a sports bike, but as a scooter it does not have the storage space or comfort of the cruiser style scoots. The Yamaha Tmax 500 is also in the sports bike vein, and a better ride than the Nexus in my opinion.

    If you put the Yamaha and the Burgman 400s side by side, they look like twins! The seat height, knee room and reach to the ground are the main differences, which is why you need to sit on them yourself. Both of these are in the cruiser style, a lower seat than the Nexus with an excellent feet forward riding position and large fairings and screen.

    Cruise around these two forums to find out more about each:

    Burgman USA Forum
    Majesty USA Forum

    I crossed off the Nexus fairly early because I am a short arse, and also wanted substantial storage space under the seat, so I never looked for a similar forum. Might be worth a Google.

    Good luck with your quest!
  4. My 2 cents worth.....

    I went through the exact same thing 3 years ago and bought a Yamaha T-Max (500cc).Very fast,(160kph) comfortable and reliable. An EXCELLENT bike. Only bike in 20 yeras of riding that I regret selling. Ride one and you'll see.

    The Gilera Nexus 500 wasn't available when I purchased my T-Max but I used to own a Gilera Runner and can tell you from first hand experience that Gilera parts are hard to find in Australia and expensive to maintain and insure. There is little or no after sales service. Having said that I've got no doubt that the Nexus is a great bike.....until something goes wrong.
  5. Thanks for the replies. Your comments seem to echo most of the reviews I've read; the T Max and Burgman have the edge on the Nexus. The T Max is just a bit more expensive than the others. I was wondering how the Yamaha Majesty 400 goes compared to the T Max. One review I read suggested they were like chalk and cheese. But I thought the Majesty might be just a less powerful T Max.
  6. Yes they are chalk and cheese. The TMax is a twin, and has a better lean over angle than the Maj, and easier to flick round the twisties. TMax can store one full face helmet under the seat, the Maj can store two. TMax has higher fuel consumption, and therefore less range than the Maj, which is a single.
    The seat heights are very different:
    TMax - 795mm
    Maj 400 - 750
    Burgman 400 - 710.
    Seat height relates to your inleg measurement, rather than your overall height.

    The weight, wheelbase and overall length are much of a muchness between all three.
  7. Also.....(not sure about the Magesty but....) The T-Max has the engine separate from the swing arm, giving it a more 'bike like' feel. You'll note most scooters have the engine ON the swing arm.

    Hope that makes sense. Anyway, best thing to do is test ride both and then make your decision. One will be perfect, i'm sure.