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Next years Netrider Stand - Expo

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Dazza, Oct 8, 2006.

  1. Next year Vic, I reckon you should hire the chic in the Red top a few stands down from ya and then you will have a bevvy of volonteers and heaps of people buying the CD's. You could then sell the CD's for $20 a throw as know one will notice the price tag :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Cheers :cool:

  2. We've had this discussion already.

    Next year, there must be boobie girls.

  3. why does the blonde look worried in that pic?
  4. You can't see what's going on below the cut-off of that pic...
  5. She knows someone who's been Lozzed?
  6. Man, you look like the cat that got the cream!

    Actually that's a question (?) not a statement
  7. Maybe she has heard of loz,s reputation that poeple that ride with him possibly could go down :shock: :grin:
  8. ok if you insist, I'll do my best to get there! :)
  9. Excellent Tash, I'll prepare the red plastic hot pants.
  10. +1 if you insist, oh wait , does the rest of my body have to look good too? :shock:
  11. Yeah, but you've got 12 months to spend on the stairmaster if you need it!

    ...So do I.... :grin:
  12. I thought you'd do the reverse, bulk up more, & go as a "boobie guy" just to screw with everyone's minds!
  13. Great idea!

  14. OOOOOOOOOOH I want one of those!
    I bet they have the "Bucket O' Skin" that I want to patent....
  15. ohhh, i hate the stairmaster :evil: bad evil invention.. naughty exercisers!

    yeah edgelett, give us a ab man!!

    oh and they cant be plastic hotpants, they have to be leather, protection you know :LOL:
  16. Bloody squids! :evil: