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Next week - who's doing what

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Sir Skuffy, Dec 22, 2005.

  1. Hey all,

    Looks like a few rides that were planned for next week have either been cancelled or reduced.... So, I was wondering, what are other people doing during that period...??????

    I plan on: https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?p=197716&highlight=#197716

    Was wondering if any riders from the NSW region have anything planned in this area or would be interested in getting together for a ride....?
  2. hopefully get the board in the water for atleast one maybe two days....... and hopefully a few runs on the bike
  3. So who's doing what over the next few weeks

    Damn you Skuffy, I posted the following in a new thread entitled "So who's doing what over the next few weeks" and you posted this thread at exactly the same time so I've done the right thing and killed my one off.

    Anyway here's what I had to say;

    You'll notice I didn't say "who's doing what over the holidays" as I know many of you will be working so don't say I don't think of you shift workers.

    Anyway, back on topic, What have you got planned for the next couple of weeks.

    Personally I haven't got a lot planned except for a trip to Warrnambool for two nights of Speedway (love them Sprintcars) & I work at the speedway at Avalon so there are a few meetings over the next couple of weeks to keep me off the street.

    Might actually get around to checking the bearings on the trailer and replacing the TV antenna so I can actually watch Channel 31. A mate is rebuilding an Escort to run in Motorkanas so I'll end up helping him with that but being a Holden man I'll need to wear protective gloves of course (cant actually touch a cough Ford cough).

    I've got two large boxes of video tapes that I might start transferring to DVD over the next few months before the tapes deteriorate completely (I've had a VCR since 1982 so have an extensive collection of old touring car tapes and other stuff including of me putting a race car fire out waaaaay back in 1994 to rescue).

    I know there are a few rides being planned but what else are you getting up to??

    And to those who are working, especially in the emergency services, I hope it's nice and quiet for you.
  4. I'll be working through next week, may have friday(s) off.

    Unlike Mitch, I plan on giving my arse a rest on a comfy couch over christmas. :) Maybe a day trip over new years when we're down at the farm near colac.
  5. Hey Paul, is that the Grand Annual at Warnambool, or a WSC round?

    I commentated a few times at Avalon back in the mid-eighties, wild track!

    As I noted in a couple of other threads Phil and I are hoping to spend a few days riding round Vic in the first week of January so we'd love to catch up with a few Netriders.

    Mitch, love to meet up with you up here, you still have to do the Macquarie Pass / Kangaroo Valley / Cambewarra Mountain loop, remember?
  6. Looking like it may happen.... Will let you know Monday... 100% certain on a ride and about 80% certain riding up your way.
  7. I have the week off as of tomorrow :D

    Gotta go to Whyalla for christmas with the missus and her family for 4 days :( Been putting it off for three years but have run out of excuses. Then off to Berri over new years for wakeboarding, golf, fishing and drinking. Only downside is I doubt I'll have much time for riding :(
  8. I was thinking of doing a lap of the Bay on Tuesday apart from that... No Major PLans
  9. The "Classic" is on the Australia Day Weekend and but I'm talking about a 2 night WSS meeting on the 1st & 2nd. I've got some grandstand seats which means I don't need to queue up from lunchtime to get a good spot on the hill :)

    I've been a Speedway fan for years (the old man & I used to go to EVERYTHING at the Speedbowl in Laverton, incl the solo & sidecar shows) and sort of stumbled into working at Avalon several years ago.