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Next week riders - South East Melbourne - Cranbourne areas

Discussion in 'VIC' started by GSXR750White, Dec 22, 2011.

  1. Hi Folks,

    Anyone up for a ride or two sometime next week during the xmas break.

    Open to any suggestions on time, date or place / route.

    Cheers, L
  2. yep fer sure,

    but **** Cranbourne, prefer far away from there.
  3. and i'm not really a girl btw, so no nudes in my private messages, thankyou.
    i have enough to deal with allready since my cyber sex change
  4. hahah. no what I mean is that from nearby Cranbourne areas.

    I am actually from Narre Warren.
    Any suggestions on place / date / route?
  5. mmmm this sounds ok I'm going to be around looking at heading out over the next 2 weeks will keep posted . Middle age hoon
  6. I'm totally up for something! I live in berwick and haven't had time off for tooooo long.
  7. Count me in as a maybe also. Really should try & meet some more of the riders in the area.

  8. sounds like we have 3-4 riders on the line

    anyone come up with a plan? EG: date, time, route and place to meet?
  9. yeah I will try and make it

  10. i'd be keen for sure.
    we could meet at berwick, mid week maybe? the spurs are good fun, cant really go wrong there, might be a bit ''busy'' next week tho. another idea could be noojee- walhalla or licola, maybe head out to eildon even.
  11. I'm planning a ride for 27th, if anyone wants to come.

    Meeting at Shell Servo, Westgate Bridge, outbound, 8am.

    Loose plan is to head through; Greendale, Blackwood, Trentham, Woodend, Lancefield, Flowerdale then around King Lake area if we are ok for time, or just back into Melbourne.

    This will just be a 'cruisy' ride. Not doing it to break records.

    Happy to stop in the smaller towns for drimks, coffees etc and play it by ear if we wamt to change direction.

    I'll be on a black GPX250.
  12. may be in for a ride.
    looks like a good one to go on
  13. looks like the weather will be clear by wednesday, so keen to do licola via noojee.
    8.45am meet at the shell servo on the corner of clyde rd and princes hwy. leaving 9am.
  14. I'll most probably be keen on that. Been a while since I was up that way.
  15. no worries roarin, see you there, all welcome...
  16. Sweet, See you there!

    Going to cost a fortune in fuel this week. A couple of mates want to do the Penninsular tomorrow.
    Nosoh's ride Wednesday.
    I'll run the other route Thursday or Friday if anyone wants to come along.
    Stuff it,,,, the rent can wait (y)
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  17. Might be in for Thursdays ride streetmaster. Wanted to do something, and I love that route.