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Next time you are squeezed into Economy Class think of how the other 0.00..01% travel

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by cjvfr, Sep 22, 2015.

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    Boeing have just delivered a 747-8 Jumbo to a private client as their personal jet. $347 million for the aircraft and a bill of $500M by the end of the fit out.

  2. Doesn't Trump already have a nice plane or two? surely he doesn't need another one? :p
  3. $500???? What sort of a fit out is that? Did they outsource to a country that ends in 'stan? I paid more than that for a mirror in my hallway ;)

    *I made that up - i don't have a mirror in my hallway
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  4. It's above the bed right? ;)

    Yes of course I meant a cool half a billion. :)
  5. Nah, it's alongside the Repsol in the garage................. so i think I've got two ;)
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  6. Look at the stupidly rich end of the food chain they probably just dipped into petty cash to pay for that.
  7. It's the President's plane, what's that got to do with the stupidly rich ?
    That said I doubt that Obama will get to sit in it, neither will Trump if there is any sanity left in America.
  8. You do pose an interesting question there.
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  9. Didn't watch the vid until now, just read the comment.
    Why would it be a private client then, the U.S. Govn is not a private client?
  10. The plane is for sale to anyone I guess, there will be private clients, good luck to them if I was a billionaire I'd have one too and invite you all for a jaunt to the Caribbean.
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  11. I think I'd rather have an A380.

    Top deck for the people, bottom deck, the garage, for the motorbikes.
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  12. Ok reputedly this A380 originally built for Saudi Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal is on the market Crazycam if you like. Boasting 5 staterooms each with En Suites.
  13. LOL - like I said above, the stupidly rich. Petty cash sort of stuff...
  14. The Hong Kong Real Estate investor Joseph Lau also owns a 747 - 8 series as a private jet so presidents and potentates are not the only people with such airborne luxury.

  15. Of course if you don't want the management hastle of your own private aircraft there is always Emirates Super First Class with your own private bedroom or Etihads The Residence Class with a sitting area, your own double bed bedroom with en suite and shower.

  16. Pffff..that's for the plebs my good man.
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  17. Still don't see where the motorbikes get parked.

    For many years, up until about a year ago, I used to own a Honda Z50 motorcycle.
    It was, for a small bike, quite souped up, and weight just under 50 kilos.

    A few years ago now, I was shopping around for tickets for my wife and I to go on holiday to Greece, and I was offered a "special deal" on business class with Emirates.

    When I was telling the wife about the deal, I mentioned that the baggage allowance was 50 kilos each.

    There was a bit of a pause, and then Angie, quite forcefully, told me that I was not taking my baby motorcycle with me on the flight.

    <sigh> That's the scariest thing about a long term wife........ they just KNOW what you are thinking.
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