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Next Step: India!

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Grrrl, Jun 19, 2009.

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    After a few years of rolling around in this wheelchair, quite literally my next "step" will be taken in India.
    I can't wait for that!

    I can't wait to stand up.
    They used to put me in a standing frame when I was in rehab, but it had a table-like thing at about rib height, so it felt like I was sitting at a table. It didn't give me a sense of "standing".

    I can't wait to stand up in front of Adam and remember how tall he is, compared to me.
    It will have been 2 years and 9 months since we stood side by side... or face to face.

    As part of the 8 week treatment I will be doing physio twice a day, and as part of that they get me standing and trying to walk. What they do is put calipers on my legs so that they cannot bend at the knee and colapse under me. And I will have either a walking frame or paralelle bars to walk between.
    Here's a clip of a guy walking in with the bars. (This is from the actual place I'm going to).
    I Can't wait to put my own vid on youtube!

    I can't wait to find out what stem cell therapy will change for me.
    There are no guarantees. There is a chance that I won't experience any change whatsoever, and there is also a chance that it could change everything. Then there is a myriad of possible results in between.
    So I am trying to keep as realistic as I can, but I will pack a great big dose of hope as we leave

    It's a great word :)

    At last week’s fundraising function there was a sculptural artwork for auction, donated by Mike Jones , titled 'Hope'.
    It was a beautifully crafted little metal wheelchair, standing about 6 inches high, with a little "For Sale" sign on it. It seemed so poignant. It was relevant and meaningful to me, and was obviously made with me in mind. I really wanted to buy it! I even tried to bid, but the auctioneer was Mike Jones himself, and he wasn't taking my bids. :facepalm:
    Yeah, I know for me to buy it would defeat the purpose :cry:
    I will track down a photo of it.

    Success! The proud owners of 'Hope' actually brought it back to the gallery so I could get picturesof it...here 'tis!



    Brilliant. :)

    So... There is a chance, and we've decided to go along and hope for the best.
    We leave next Thursday... Arrrgh! That's only 7 more sleeps! :tantrum:

    We will keep adding to this thread over the 8 weeks of treatment, to let you all know how things are going, and if anything eventful occurs or indeed, if it doesn't, lol.
    You can also keep an eye on NextStepForLenna.com

    The journey is about to begin!



  2. Thought I'd better add that I have a great deal of hope, but am aware of what is realistic. I sometimes think back to last year when Adam had his arm in plaster after he broke his scaphoid, and how after just 2 or 3 weeks of non-use, his plaster cast became so loose it was flopping around on his arm and needed to be removed and a new put on. His arm muscles had deteriorated so rapidly, and when that is considered in my context, it becomes obvious that the extent of muscle wastage (atrophy) is going to be sooo much higher.

    Even in the best possible case scenario, that everything gets "reconnected" as it once was, it would still take many years to actually get back to "normal" if it is indeed possible at all.

    On the other hand, even small gains can make a big difference to quality of life. Improvements in sensation might mean being able to feel touch, pressure or hot and cold again, and that kind of thing can potentially prevent burns, for one thing...

    One past patient who I have spoken with, said the biggest difference for him is that he can move some of his leg muscles now (not nearly enough strength to stand or walk un-assisted, and he may never have. Or at least that is yet to be seen).
    Where it helps him practically, so far, is in his ability to move around in bed. For example to go from laying on one side to laying on the other, he is now able to twist a little through the torso, and move his legs around one over the other to switch sides.

    That certainly beats having to wake fully and sit right up, lift one leg off the other, pivot at the hips, and place the legs in the opposite direction before laying back down on the other side!

    The latter method obviously interrupts sleep so much more.
    Without changing sides, I'd be prone to pressure marks, which can potentially develop into sores if you’re not careful to look for the signs.

    So those are just a few examples of how a small change can make a big difference, and it’d take (me) forever to describe all the ways any such change might have a great effect.
  3. Actually, the journey kinda began a few weeks ago, when we started our series of immunisation shots...

    Adam, trying to be brave in the hope he might be rewarded with a jelly bean :LOL:


    The Doc looks like she's enjoying this! :twisted:
  4. I hope you do walk again Lenna, you've done nothing but sook since you had your accident. Oooooh no legs this, wheelchair that. :p

    (Whatever happens with the stem cell treatment mate, I hope you guys get a rush out of India. And of course we'll all be thinking of you.)
  5. Best of luck with it, hopefully the trip helps things out.
  6. Hope is a wonderful emotion, without it we’d all be full of despair.

    Can’t wait to hear that you’ve stood next to Stewy & realised just how short you are :p

    Good luck on your journey Lenna.
  7. Hope it works out! :grin:
  8. i wish you all the best in your recovery and i have no doubt that one day you will be standing again. being from india i can tell you that there are several things that dont make sense there but it is a country where prayers are answered . so have faith and pray. :)
  9. Bring it on. You can come back and teach Shayden how to walk :LOL: All the best guys, looking foward to the updates.
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    The original post starting as it does, kinda sounds like I'm convinced I'm going to get better and be able to stand once the therapy gets started etc... Booga brought it to my attention yesterday - he seemed a bit concerned that I had very high expectations.

    I should have mentioned the physio sessions that I'll be doing.
    I can't wait to stand up... using the leg calipers! LOL
    I've fixed the OP now (I think) with the same text as below:

    As part of the 8 week treatment I will be doing physio twice a day, and as part of that they get me standing and trying to walk. What they do is put calipers on my legs so that they cannot bend at the knee and colapse under me. And I will have either a walking frame or parallele bars to walk between.
    Here's a clip of a guy walking with the bars. (This is from the actual place I'm going to).

    I Can't wait to put my own vid on youtube!

    Eeep! 4 more sleeps... and we're about to make it 3! :eek:
  11. Yay Selena and Adam. Will make every effort to see yez before you go.
  12. My heartfelt positive vibes this will work for you.
  13. PMSL at Loz :rofl:

    Only four more sleeps :grin:

    We'll be thinking of you guys lots & hope that your determination to walk again will be justly rewarded...

    Will be sending you endless healing thoughts and can't wait for the updates!!

    Azz & Jadey xoxo
  14. Lenna, words could never describe what I want to say about your journey.
    With your strength you have gotten this far and you need to keep holding onto that strength to get you thru this next chapter in your life.
    However I will say ARE YOU EXCITED??? hehehee.
    Looking forward to seeing you before you head off on this journey.
    Love you guys to bits and I know I won't have you far from my thoughts over the next couple of months. xox
  15. Oh you guys are all AWESOME!

    I'm absolutely flat out trying to make sure everything is organised and ready to go, and I wish I had time to reply to each of you...
    I'll have to say a big general heart-warmed THANKS to you all, for your support, kind words, kind thoughts and prayers.

    I'll tell you else is awesome...
    * WARNING - it's gonna get a bit mushy! *

    Adam/Stewy is!!! :)

    I don't think he really likes it when I go on too much about how truly great he is... Doesn't like me to make a fuss about it or something...
    So I don't do it too often (at least not on the forums :happy:) But this time it's TOO BAD, honey!

    He is more loving, caring, sweet and supportive than I ever knew a human being could be.
    He is so strong, and he gives me so much strength too.
    Bleah... Words can't express...


    4 more sleeps... we're about to go and make it 3
  16. He might be a Poove, ya know.
  17. I think your both very special people and wish you both the best of luck.
    I hope you do stand so you can kick shit outta Loz :grin:
  18. wow, i look forward to seeing the vid of you standing up
    even my boyfriend, who hates internet forums lol, asks me to read each of your threads on how you're going to him!
  19. You wish, Rog!

  20. Best of luck Lenna!

    The worst that can happen is that you have an awesome time in an amazing country with the company of a very special fella. The best, well, the possibilities are endless.

    You truly are an inspiring person. Take care, have a safe trip and be prepared for the stench of open drains. And the driving....will make the worst driving you've ever seen look totally tame.

    I know a lot of the time you'll be in treatment, but if you can get out and take some of the sights in, it'll be great. When I went there, it was the colours and the clothes that people wore that took me by surprise. I thought it was all for Bollywood shows, but it's really how people dress.

    Have a good 'un.