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Next Set of Tyres - What to get?

Discussion in 'Tyres' at netrider.net.au started by positron007, May 1, 2012.

  1. These are the options I am interested in:
    Michelin Power Pure
    Michelin Pilot Power
    Bridgestone S20 (new)
    Bridgestone BT016 Pro
    Dunlop Qualifier 2

    Initially interested in the Power Pures for the reduction in rotational mass but after some of the negative comments (not confidence inspiring), I am now reluctant.

    Keen on the S20, but they are not released in Australia yet (not sure I can wait)

    Also keen on the Qualifier 2 but one person said he did not like them

    So the safe bet is the Pilot Powers.

    If anyone has had experience with these tyres. I would appreciate some advice

  2. I've currently got Michelin Road Pilot 3s on front and back, done about 6000 k's . A good compromise if you're doing a lot of commuting, and they're still pretty good in the hills. I reckon the pure and power might be overkill on the CB, but I wouldn't knock them back if someone gave them to me for free!

    I've run the Dunlop Q2s before, they were ok but I like the Road 3's better. Can't really comment on the others. If you do go for the Pures or Power I would be interested to see how you find them. With tyres It's all pretty subjective I guess?

    BTW - was running the rear at 42 and front 36. Am now running the front at 33 and rear at 36 as per the manual. Have found the ride a lot smoother. I know that tyre pressure is a personal thing, but just thought i'd share it FYI.
  3. Thanks. I appreciate that.
    I like to push my bike to the limit that is why I want something a bit better. I don't care about mileage.
    Just on the weekend I scrapped the pegs and the rear end slid out on me.
    So I really want something that is going to stick, but also want something that is decent on wet/damp roads, not necessarily rain as I never push the bike in the rain anyway (had a few scares on damp roads though).
  4. i am considering getting a set of Pilot Powers and Power Pures at the same time just so I can compare them and make my own judgement.
  5. I crashed at 25kph on the dunlop qualifier 2 because of a cold road and cold tyres - the rear wheel simply slipped out while taking a right hand turn from a stop sign at an intersection

    - will never touch dunlop again - in fact if a dunlop factory was on fire i wouldnt even cross the street to watch it burn
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  6. SHIT. I won't be touching Dunlop Qualifier 2 then.
    I think this is what basically happened to me, except I was going faster. Different tyres though. The rear end gave way without any warning and me and the bike went sliding across the road.
  7. The best tyres I have ever had on my car are Bridgestone, the dry grip is great but the wet grip is phenomenal. So much better than anything I have used before.
    I wished the S20's were available. My gut feeling is they are going to be a great tyre.
    After what happened though I really want to change my tyres now. Can't wait for them to arrive

  8. I dont know where you live, if you live in the Sydney area, give White Racing Products a call. I seem to remember Craig telling me that they have that tyre on sale..................although i am known to have very bad memory lol.

    I went with Dunlop Sportsmart for this set but my next one will definately be a Bridgestone...........the Dunlop is just too rigid for me.

  9. Yeah same, I found them very slippery when new..............I know lots of people like the Dunlop Sportsmart but im personally not a fan.....In saying that I havent had any grip issues and wet weather issues with them at the moment.............although im a slow ass rider :p
  10. power pures are a junk tyre. i cooked a set from 1 hard ride on the street for 200km's. and they've never gripped properly again. and then the rubber just fell off the casing.

    sportsmart is a very good tyre and does everything well and is apparently good on the track with the n-tec construction in the rear.

    i didnt like pilot powers, not enough grip for the life i got out of them.

    bt016 is good but a little similar to power pure, as in they grip ok but not outstanding and the life wasnt great.

    i would go with the sportsmart out of your list 'IF I' was buying the tyres. but every rider rides differently and what i use a tyre for may not be what you use it for.
  11. I run Z8's currently, But before that it was the Z6's. Z6 was superceeded

    60,000 in 3 years and they dont slip , even in the worst shit weather, I usually get between 10,000 and 15,000 to a rear,

    15,000, Was Two up,
  12. The S20 appears to be a major upgrade over the BT-016 Pro, and the BT-016 Pro was a decent upgrade over the BT-016.
    So these should be good tyres. Just not available yet
  13. Have tried most of those. Cept the new Bridgey. I have the 016's on my viffer and mmm not confidence inspiring on that bike. Think the fat pig is too heavy for them and I might have to up my psi's.
    Awww Tach lol I like the Dunlops probably best of all that I have used. I usually have Pirelli's so I am use to the cold effect on them.
    PP's suck for mine for what they cost. Puncture waiting to happen on the road
  14. Yep, in 25 years of bike riding I've never ever gotten along with Dunlop's no matter what type of bike there fitted to. Same deal, they let go especially when cold.
  15. Yeah mine are Dunlop OEM tyres. So it does appear to be a trend that Dunlop tyres are ordinary/crap when cold
  16. Curiosity got the better of me. I decided to do COLD (approx 16 degrees) hardness measurements. On a range of tyres.
    As suspected my tyres are crap cold.

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  17. Ignore those people. - Power Pures are awesome tyres!
  18. On the Sushine coast and no wet weather riding, almost any thing up there would be Awesome,

    Have you scorched out to Kenilworth or up and over Maleny in slimy wet and cold conditions on those Tyres,

    Thats what we get down here in Vic. Slimy, Wet, Freezing conditions,

    Even the road surface is different, State to State,

    So different tyres apply to different States,

    Positron007, Where are you located,
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  19. Yeah, freezing shitty Melbourne
  20. only if you like to ride slowly around corners they are ok.

    what bike is these tyres going on [MENTION=36536]positron007[/MENTION]